Winning With Your Words

“You’ve got this!”  These are three words that I have spoken at least a million times in my ten year journey as a single parent.  Short yet profound. These three words helped me to push through some of the most difficult seasons of my life.  Through countless sleepless nights with sick kiddos and hospital stays, I whispered to myself: “You’ve got this.”   Laying on the bathroom floor of the extended stay hotel after being evicted with my 3 small children, God said to me “You’ve Got This.” 

Finding You Again Devotional

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While completing my Doctoral Studies with three children under the age of 5 and working full-time, I resiliently told myself “You’ve Got This.”  When I was without health insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, a bank account, I would fall asleep hearing a still small voice in my ear: “You’ve Got This”  until I drifted into sleep.  Through bouts of depression, oppression, sleep deprivation, and financial hardships, I screamed, whispered and tearfully declared: “You’ve got this.”  Through parent conferences, open houses, projects, special education meetings, and behavior intervention planning in three different classrooms at two different schools, I reminded myself, “You’ve got this.”  With every trajectory of my life, these three words, coupled with a solid foundation of God’s word, have enable me to withstand the journey of being a single parent. As a result, God never allowed me to succumb to the doubt, defeat, and despair, and statistics of single parenting…and neither will you because, “You’ve got this!”

As single parents, our voices are often the most loudest and powerful in the ears of our children, and ourselves. What we speak and what they hear can drastically impact their ability to be hopeless or hope filled.

God has taught me that what we declare or say is what will determine our outcome. Declaring positive words through the use of self-talk is a powerful way of combating negative emotions and increasing self-confidence.  It is common to experience self-doubt when are the sole individual responsible for making various decisions that will affect the physical, financial, mental and spiritual aspects of you and your children’ lives. Therefore, the need to know and believe you are competent and capable in your own decisions is built through positive self-talk. Yes, “You’ve got this.”

I am a Warrior

A Group of Single Moms at the National Single Mom’s Conference

Encouraging Yourself

Encouraging yourself with your own words, in your own voice is the most potent tool in creating a faith filled atmosphere for yourself and your children.  It may sound odd to refer to yourself in the 2nd person. However, speaking in second person provokes action and allows you to see yourself overcoming, achieving, and accomplishing what lies ahead. It allows you to see yourself defeating negative thoughts building faith filled strategies for you and your family to win, “You’ve Got This!”


No matter how our natural situation appears, we must speak words of life. Belief in one’s self, and the ability to accomplish the insurmountable tasks related to single parenting is not an easy feat. However, it is possible when you recognize where your strength lies. Yes, we have this, because GOD HAS US. He gives us biblical promises that with HIM all things are possible. Therefore, I challenge you to stand firm on Matthew 19:26, Mark 9:23, Luke 1: 37, and Luke 18:27 in all you do. You are a child of God. He loves you and He has equipped you to walk through any obstacle that you may encounter.  Stay the course. Your best days are ahead for you and your children. Develop a consist habit of saying positive faith filled words over yourself and your children.

A “God’s Got Us” Mentality

I challenge you to create a “We’ve Got This because God has Us” mentality in your household. There is an awesome future that God has in store for you and your children.  Embrace it! Believe it!  Receive it! 




Dr. Sheila Truelove, TLSM Featured ExpertDr. Shelia Truelove holds a B.S. in Psychology, M.S. in Management, a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD), and an Alabama Professional Educators Teaching Certificate in the area of Collaborative Teaching. She has taught in the field of Special Education over 14 years. Dr. Truelove was honored as Teacher of the Year for Birmingham City Schools (2010) and nominated for a Disney Teacher of the Year award for her work in Special Education. She has served on Special Education Task committees, conducted training for parents and general education teachers, supervised graduate students majoring in Special Education, and created transitional programs for students receiving special education services. Dr. Truelove is a philanthropist at heart and believes in motivating and equipping others to become their very best.  Divorced for nine years, Dr. Truelove  is the proud mother of 10 year old twin daughters and an 11 year old son.  Some of the most notable accomplishments achieved, has been as a single mother. When she completed her Doctoral Degree, her twins were 4 years old and her son was 5.  When she completed her first published children’s book entitled, “I CAN WIN,” her twins were 8 years old and her son was 9.  The one source of her strength is that of God. Her overall mission is to empower other single moms to raise God-fearing, hope filled, and prosperous children in spite of any challenges faced. For more information, visit


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