“It’s because of my children, that God was able to get my attention!” 


Train up a child in the way that He should go and when he is old he will not depart.  Proverbs 22:6

Yes, we all know it and we all say it, but do we live it?  You know when I got divorced from my youngest children’s father they were only five and seven years old.  After this being the second failed marriage, I felt more emotions than could be contained in one body – it seemed.  Firstly, I felt like a failure!  How do you suck at two marriages before age 35?  Somehow, I managed to find a way to do it.  And I failed miserably at both.  The divorce was ugly and expensive.  It drained me of every dime that I had along with dimes that belonged to other people!  I walked away from the divorce feeling broken, torn and tattered and lost.

Broken, torn, tattered and lost, I walked away from the Lord.  Having brought up in the church and saved and filled with the Holy Ghost at 13, I knew him in a very real way as a teenager.  But I found myself as a single mother of three in my mid-thirties lost without a drop of faith, and without a drop of hope or direction for my life.  I walked away from the Lord because I felt like He let me down by allowing my marriage to fail.

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So here I was single, no college degree with the earning potential of about $30k living in a 2-bedroom apartment with 3 children!  I decided to go back to college and get a BA degree.  But while in school, it was difficult to maintain the kids financially.  I worked three and four part-time gigs, while going to school full-time.  Even after graduating with my degree, it was hard to find a job!  During the four years that it took for me to complete my degree, I had completely walked away from the Lord.  I was partying every weekend, drinking, cursing and jumping from one relationship to another.  I was NOT attending anybody’s church and didn’t even want to talk about it.  I never gave any thought for how my behavior was affecting my children.

One day when I was asking God to help me find a job, and He answered me…but not the answer I was looking for!  He spoke to me loud and clear and said, “If your children don’t know Me, I will hold their blood at your hands!”  Oh my gosh!  I can’t tell you how I cried for hours.  See when I was a child, my mom took me to Sunday School, Bible Study, Friday night prayer service, Sunday evening service and we had to attend during the week whenever there was a revival!  We didn’t always like it, but I learned who Jesus was at a young age!    This was the moment that turned everything around for me.  I set in my heart after that moment to find a church and I went that Sunday and rededicated my life back to the Lord that day.  That church had an awesome children’s ministry and my kids loved going to church and learning about Jesus.  My life has never been the same from that moment that God reminded me that as a mother, my first responsibility was to train them up so that when they are old they have a fighting chance against the enemy.

I tell people all the time… “It’s because of my children, that God was able to get my attention!” 

Humbly Submitted,


Jennifer W. Brown is a mother of 3 beautiful children and has been a single mom for 10 years.  Jennifer has a love for Christ that is infectious and persuasive! God has blessed her to provide mentorship and guidance to many young adult women based on the wisdom of the Word and her past experiences.  Because of her passion to encourage single Christian adults and her very unique testimony, she leads a singles ministry called Single and Souled Out which encourages, educates and motivates single adults to live their best life in their single season.  Jennifer is just at the commencement of her ministry and eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what God has in store for her ministry.  Contact Jennifer at sasosingles@gmail.com.


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