The Life of a Single Mom exists to educate church & community leaders, and the general public on the challenges faced by single parent families, while simultaneously providing programs that help these parents achieve success in parenting, finances, and overall health & wellness areas. We exist to see that no single mom walks alone. Here’s how we do that:

Launch Groups


Create Community


How We’re Making an Impact

We Provide Support.

TLSM has worked to launch or improve over 1,500 Single Mom support groups across the nation, so single moms can receive the support needed to thrive in critical areas, such as parenting, finances, and health & wellness.

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We Offer Help.

TLSM works to educate single mothers on the importance of health & wellness. Each year, we offer hundreds of hours in one-on-one counseling. Our Revive program also includes mentoring, free exercise classes, fresh produce, educational classes, and so much more!

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We Provide Education.

Single Mom University promotes the education of single moms through online, self-paced, life skills courses. Offering more than 100 classes, each single mom can select coursework in 3 core areas: parenting, finances, and health & wellness. SMU is also the perfect tool for ministry leaders to leader their groups.

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“Thank you so much for the scholarship. I appreciate your team for taking a chance on me, by using your precious funds to support me. Once I completed the regular SMU, I headed straight over to the leadership corner. I now know that’s where I’m called, but I am committed to equipping and investing in my spiritual health and care first.”