Ways You Can Serve a Single Mom

How can we, as loving, compassionate, members of the global body of Christ, reach out and show love to single moms? Maybe the single moms in your life seem like they have it all together. There are some amazingly, strong single moms today, and many are achieving success parentally, financially, educationally, and emotionally, while finding great freedom in their walk with the Lord. But even those strong, amazing single moms could use an occasional helping hand.

Here are a few practical ways you can serve a single mom and brighten her day:

Babysit for free and do it often. Single mothers often work many hours per week and do not want to ask for help. They may even work a second or third job, or be attending a local college, too. Babysitting can be expensive. Encourage single mothers in your life to take the night off. They need it.

Offer to grocery shop for them. Shopping is a simple task, but shop alone with three children hanging from the buggy and you’ll see the challenge many single parents face weekly.

Give her some girl time. Sometimes the best way to serve a single mom is to invite her for coffee for some adult conversation.

Start a group today. Check it out HERE.

Start a single parent support group in your church. What a way to be the body of Christ! Start a Bible study, support group, ministry or ongoing Sunday School Class just for single parents. Give them a place to feel comfortable, seen, valued,  and welcomed inside your church walls. Show them that you, as a church, see the needs they have and want to give them a unique opportunity to fellowship with their peers. There is great value in gathering people who are in similar life seasons.

Other Ways to Serve Single Moms:

  • Wash & fold clothes.
  • Offer a word of encouragement.
  • Buy them a free car wash & oil change.
  • Create a homemade inspirational book of Scriptures.
  • Rent a movie & provide popcorn for a movie night.
  • Yard work.
  • Perform carpentry, home repairs, and odd & end jobs.
  • Provide gas money or groceries.
  • Save your travel-sized toiletries from hotel rooms and donate them.
  • Clean house.
  • Cook a meal, or even help plan meals for the week.
  • Buy her lunch.
  • Write a handwritten, personal note.
  • Start a run/walk group where single moms can bring their kids for exercise & girl-time.
  • Give a single mom a rose.
  • Bring cookies & baked goods.
  • Bring a gift basket full of goodies.
  • Offer cleaning supplies. (They are expensive!)
  • Offer a day of window shopping, coffee, and a ride through town.
  • Visit them!
  • Offer tutoring service for her children.
  • Cut her grass.
  • Pray for her.
  • Play dress up with makeup, hair, & clothes.


The Life of a Single Mom

The Life of a Single Mom is a national, faith-based, nonprofit that is one of the nation’s largest single-mom centric organizations. We focus on equipping churches and communities on how to reach single mothers, establish ministry plans, and grow existing single moms’ programs. We provide curriculum, training, host events, and offer a wide array of single mom products and services to ensure that no single mom walks alone. Currently, we are serving 72,000+ single mothers each year. For more information, visit www.thelifeofasinglemom.com

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  1. Mikki September 24, 2013 at 9:59 pm - Reply

    I was let down in a harsh way by a person who made a promise to assist in funding for our home, and after months of working wit Realtor’s and signing a lease, she did not follow through.

    I am a working mother of 3 who got sick while pregnant and lost it all. I have a beautiful 6 year old and 2 infant twins I am trying to provide a home for. We currently have a place lined up but no way to move in.

    Prior to now I was living in a mouse infested home that was unsuitable for the 6 year old child I had, let alone 2 infants (twins)that were on the way. I fought and fought to have my home fixed, and finally got tired. After my oldest child’s father made a attempt on my life in that home, it was a very scary situation for me and my daughter to stay there. I got ill during my pregnancy with twins and lost my income. I could not find employment while pregnant and had to give my home up to keep from being put out. I was too much of a risk to be hired due to my condition, and since then having suck a large gap of time off from not being in the work place puts me further from being able to get employment.

    I have been living out of a room in my mothers home ever sense, where a broken down shed holds all my furniture. The winds, animals, and waters have now destroyed everything inside. All that remains is the furniture that was placed in my mothers home causing it to be little to no space. There is a custody case in less than 1 month with this same person whom tried to harm me and my child because he owes over 20k in child support, and without having a stable home for my children I may not be able to keep her from harms way.

    I had found a friend who offered to assist us in the financing of a house with space for a reasonable amount, and after several times of reaffirming that there would be financing, after me depleting all my resources to hold this house and take it off the market, the funding source fell through. It was done in suck a harsh way, that there is no way to recuperate from this situation other than by the hand of God himself. I urge you, if you can, please help. Any dollar, every dollar counts. I am a woman who is normally to humble to ask for anything and one who has too much pride to beg, but we (me and my 3 children) need your help desperately.

    God Bless You!!!!


  2. Brenna September 26, 2013 at 7:19 pm - Reply

    Another way a local church community can help single moms is to have members of the congregation offer professional services free or at a deep discount. Doctors, dentists, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, mechanics – any service that most people need at some point in their lives but single moms might not be able to afford.

    Our church used to have a mechanic who offered to do car repairs for low income families in the church for nothing more than the cost of parts. He has since moved away but it helped a lot of people while it lasted.

  3. Angie October 8, 2013 at 5:03 am - Reply

    I just wanted to comment and say…I really appreciate you adding in your story that even single moms who seem to have it all together need a helping hand!! I know first hand how many times I hear, “You are so amazing.” “You are so strong.” “You do so well keeping everything together.” Every one of those comments just reaffirms to me that I do an excellent job at appearances because I feel like my world is in a MILLION pieces!! I feel like I HAVE to keep it all together for the world, though!! I feel like I have to at least make people THINK I’m okay!! The reality is, underneath I feel like the biggest failure in the world!! I feel completely lost and stuck!! I hate where my life is at right now, but I hate even more that my kids have to live this life!! I think we as single moms are so used to keeping things together for our kids that we become experts at it, but yes!! We definitely need a hand, too!!

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