Valentine’s Day candy and decorations are everywhere! People are beginning to ask, “What do YOU have planned for Valentine’s Day?” For the single mom who may feel disheartened by that question or…. the candy…. balloons….romantic movies….. jewelry commercials…. we want to give you a few ways to enjoy Valentine’s.

Please don’t be distracted this week.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]You are a single mom who is deeply loved by God.[/inlinetweet] You are not less than or incomplete. You are whole through Christ. Sometimes on holidays, particularly Valentine’s Day that often celebrates couples, it is easy to forget who we are and not concentrate on marital or relationship status. So here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas:

  1. Love on others. You might think you don’t have time for this. You are busy managing work schedules and children’s schedules. You can’t seem to even squeeze in time for yourself. We understand. But love is a choice and often a sacrifice. One example of that selfless love may be for you show up at a coffee shop with a couple of other single friends and deliver chocolates to the employees and patrons. Another example is to write thank you notes to area service workers, such as policemen and firemen.

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  1. Honor your single friends. This is a perfect time to remind your friends how much you love them. Gather together with other singles for a meal and share why each of them is important to you. Perhaps there is someone in your single mom support group you can honor on Valentine’s Day with a card and flowers. There are many ways you can honor the love in your heart for your friends.
  1. Celebrate your married friends. As a single, you can still celebrate the marriage of others. Celebrate what God has done in their marriage, believing that He’ll do the same for you in His timing. Sow into their marriage.  Offer to babysit for them, while they go out to dinner.  Allow their children to join in the kid-friendly celebration of love going on at your home. You could even help their children surprise them with a handmade gift or flowers.
  1. Make it about your child. Days can be so routine or chaotic that we can sure use a time to breathe! Why not do that with your kids, together?  You can make Valentine’s Day more than just about romantic love. Make it a time to celebrate your children, yourself, and the loving family you are building. Cook a fancy meal together or order your favorite take out. Throw in a few surprises, set the table, light the candles and tell your children the unique ways God has gifted them. Start with, “God made you special.”

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be dreaded. We hope you choose to celebrate the love God has given you for others and most importantly, your children. This truly can be a fun holiday, if you refuse to not get bogged down in thoughts of being alone. Look up to the One who loves you and will never leave you. God is with you always and loves you forever.  Once you realize how loved you are by God, you will love yourself and that love will overflow onto your family and others. You will then become a source of God’s love every day, even on Valentine’s Day.


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