There are two groups for whom I am very passionate about helping.  They are single moms and military families.  I like helping other folks too, but I have a special place in my heart for my single moms because honestly I just don’t know how you do it.  I am married and also have in-laws that are local who help us out and I still complain about how hard I think I’ve got it.  The other group I love to help is the military family. Every year around the end of February I have the honor of participating in Military Saves.  This year I was in Singapore where I conducted financial literacy presentations and also provided one-on-one counseling for US Navy sailors and their families.  Though I thought to myself that I was making this huge sacrifice being away from my family and business for 3 weeks, there is NO comparison for the even bigger sacrifices these armed servicemen and women and also their families are making each and every day for all of us.

You may be asking why I’m sharing this with you.  If you were to ask me for my two best investment ideas, I would tell you the greatest investment is to invest in a personal relationship with God and with His Son, Jesus Christ, because the return on that investment will always beat all others.  And the second best investment is an investment in yourself where you can find something you are passionate about and at the same time make money at it, because if you can do something you love and get paid for it at the same time, you will never have to work another day in your life.

So how can you find this magical job?  Start out by taking out a piece of paper, grabbing something to write with, and also pulling out your checkbook.  Your first exercise is to write down three things you love doing, three things that take up the most of your time, and the three places you are spending the most money.  After you have completed this exercise, do you notice any overlap?  For example, let’s assume you like planting or gardening, you spend a lot of time doing it, and when you review your checkbook you see a lot of your money going to a local nursery.  You might consider putting in your application at that favorite establishment, or someplace similar.

But what if your dream job requires college or technical training?  I have always said there is no such thing as good debt but paying for a college degree or technical school training can be an example of debt that is not bad. Did you know if you are a woman and/ or a single mother attending college for the first time or just returning to school, there are scholarships and grants just for you?Scholarship Search through SallieMae, is a great place to start looking for scholarships for women and single mothers. You can set up your free customized profile, get alerts when new scholarship opportunities that match our profile become available, and search among five million scholarships totaling over $24 billion.  There is money out there available just for you, but you have to invest your time to find it!  We all spend a majority of time at work so if you can find a career that you really love, then work for you doesn’t have to be a four letter word!


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Steve Repak, CFP® is a Financial Literacy Speaker, Army veteran, and author of 6 Week Money Challenge: For Your Personal Finances (January 2016) and Dollars & Uncommon Sense: Basic Training For Your Money (January 2012).  Steve has helped many people turn their finances around with his inspiring financial literacy presentations and one-on-one financial coaching.For more information about Steve, his books or if you would like him to speak at your or next event visit


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