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Top 5 Single Mom Articles of 2016

Here we are at the end of 2016! We have had some amazing National Experts featured on the blog and many of you have shared with us how you are blessed by their articles. We have compiled the top five articles of 2016. You have clicked and shared these 5 articles more than 5,000 times!

A Letter to the Single Mom by Jennifer Maggio

There are some of you out there, right now, who feel you cannot go on. You have done all you know how to do. You have pressed, pulled, pushed, cried, screamed, and prayed, and it just hasn’t seemed like enough. Some of you cannot believe you are here. You never planned it this way. It didn’t seem like life’s path for you, but nevertheless, here you are. Others of you cannot believe you are still here. You’ve been a single mom for far longer than you wanted to be and are simply sick and tired of being alone. Read more…

5 Things Your Son Needs to Know You Believe about Him by Laura Polk

A son’s relationship with his mother is a unique one. A beautiful one. One that sets the tone for all of his other relationships in the future. It’s how he’ll learn to express his emotions, how he’ll understand women, and how he’ll view himself. When that son has a single mother, it offers an entirely different set of challenges. Make sure your son knows you believe these things about him as well: Read more…

Why You’ll Do Anything Not to Be Alone by Laura Polk

When I first became a single mom, it was the whispers that got to me the most.

In a small town, it was literally impossible to go anywhere without being surrounded by people who’d just heard of what had happened in my marriage. People I’d known my entire life avoided me as if it was contagious. I was lonelier than I’d ever imagined I’d be. And it wasn’t long before I began to search for companionship. Read more…

Valentine’s Day and The Single Mom


Valentine’s Day candy and decorations are everywhere! People are beginning to ask, “What do YOU have planned for Valentine’s Day?” For the single mom who may feel disheartened by that question or…. the candy…. balloons….romantic movies….. jewelry commercials…. we want to give you a few ways to enjoy Valentine’s. Read more…

4 Dating Myths to Avoid by Ron L. Deal


Dating single moms (and the men who are dating them) should learn from mistakes made by others. Here are four myths to avoid.

Myth #1: If I’m happy, my kids will be happy.” Single parents sometimes tell themselves that their happiness is at the center of their children’s happiness, therefore, “if I fall in love, my kids will be happy, too.” But the truth is there’s no guarantee that if you find romantic love it will improve the lives of your children, in fact, your happiness can bring unwanted transitions and, with it, unhappiness to your children. Read more…

Finally, there is one article by Jennifer Maggio published in 2012 that continues to be a popular one. In fact, it happens to be the number one article of 2016! And it is…..How to Find a Godly Man.


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