“When I learned of my first pregnancy, I was terrified. I wasn’t overcome with excitement, rubbing my still-flat tummy as I planned with my husband what we would name our new bundle of joy or how we would decorate our new nursery. I didn’t rush to the mall to peruse baby booties and outfits or imagine long walks in the park with my sleeping newborn in a stroller fit for royalty. I was a young, future single mom shaken to my core as I absorbed the unexpected news.” – Peace and the Single Mom, pg 17

How many single moms feel this same way? How many times does a single mom embark on the journey of parenting alone, whether thru divorce, unplanned pregnancy, or death, feeling as if no one could possibly understand?

God’s love is bigger than any seemingly insurmountable obstacle in our lives, including that of single parenthood. He hasn’t forgotten you. He hasn’t abandoned you. He understands, and so do millions of other families in our country who are parenting alone.

Embrace His grace for your life today. Embrace His love. Embrace His mercy. And begin your journey of finding calm in your chaos.


Jennifer Maggio is an award-winning author and founder of The LIfe of a Single Mom Ministries. Through her own mistakes, Maggio is passionate about sharing her journey with other single parents to encourage and equip them, teaching them to embrace the love of Christ.