As a single mom, we often focus on the struggles as opposed to remembering all of the good God has done for us.

I sat with seven single moms recently and we focused on two things:

This past year God has grown me through…

This past year I have seen God’s faithfulness when…

As the hour passed, stories were shared, tears fell, and laughter rang out as each mom shared how God has grown them during the last 12 months and how they had experienced His faithfulness.  These are some of the most courageous women I know. It was a sweet time.

Psalms 77:11, I will remember the works of the Lord.  What a great way to mark the miles in your journey!  It can be easy to get caught up with the days on the calendar and all that can fill up those days. It can also be easy to forget the moments that make up those days. As our group shared and recalled the growth and God’s faithfulness, we were reminded of the specifics that had been forgotten. As I listened to each of these women, I was reminded that God is in the details.

Remembering How God Has Grown You

Peace and the single mom

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How would your outlook be shaped if you paused and focused on remembering God’s faithfulness and how He has grown you? The dailiness of single motherhood can be overwhelming at times. Being overwhelmed can become a heavy burden that weighs you down and causes you to lose momentum and motivation. Pressing pause and recalling the works of the Lord will bring renewal to your spirit.

Tracing God’s hand through each bend in your journey and seeing the places where He shined light on the dark areas will reassure your soul that He is still with you now. Gratitude comes for the Latin word, gratus which means thankful, pleasing. Spending focused time thanking the Lord for the growth and His faithfulness will affect your attitude.

Looking back on what God has done will grow your gratitude and affect your attitude and deepen your prayer life. As you remember what God has done, you will experience the sweet reminders of all the times He was in the details. Seeing His attention to the details of your life will lead you to want to know Him more.

As we sat and talked about the hard times that each of these single moms had experienced during the last 12 months, we were all reminded that their prayer life had been deepened. One of the women said it so well, “It drove me to the Lord!” She went on to share that had she not gone through the hard times then she would not have the relationship with the Lord she now experiences.

I hope that you will carve out time to remember. Teaching your children the value of looking back will open the door for gratitude to be openly practiced. Being creative with gratitude will be the perfect invitation to have a night around the dinner table remembering. I hope this will bring laughter and breath renewed hope into your home. 



Joy Anisa HeadshotJoy Anisa would have never dreamed that her life would be filled with such incredible sadness that comes with loss. She never would have imagined that she would experience the personal effects of emotional and mental abuse, the silent killer of the soul. She is in awe of how God is the keeper of her soul and He has kept what she committed to Him. He would not allow her soul to be destroyed! Joy Anisa is married to Jeff, a bi-vocational pastor and they live in Conyers, GA. Their oldest daughter, Meighan, is serving for a year with the London City Mission in London, England. Their son, Caid, is a sophomore at Eagles Landing Christian Academy and plays football. A graduate of She Speaks with Proverbs 31 Ministries, Joy’s story will inspire, encourage, and bring laughter through the tears.


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