If you read my last article for The Life of a Single Mom, you’re excited about The Holy Ghost carpet ride, aren’t you?! You’re in a whole new world of putting God first and dreaming again, now what? I’m glad you asked! You, my dear, have been called to greatness. You have purpose, an assignment—a Kingdom agenda and it must not be for personal gain. The Bible tells us that we were bought at a price. Simply put, it’s not about you so you can’t just, “do you” as society tells us. Who do you think put those dreams and desires on the inside of you? Now the conversation begins. Before you tell anyone else what it is you want out of life, tell God. Pray that your dreams and desires align with His Word. He’s waiting and listening. He’s the ultimate Life Coach and the best listener!

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Once you have poured out your heart to Him, this is where trust comes in. What does it look like to trust? When we sit in a chair we’re not checking on the legs, bolts, and screws–we just sit down, right? We trust that it will hold us—we don’t think twice. That’s God! He wants us to surrender everything to Him and trust Him with it. We are to simply kick back knowing that He’s got it. What have you been believing God for? What have you given up on? Can you trust that His timing is best?

God definitely has a sense of humor because there are some things that if I knew all the details about I would have put my dirty paws in and surely messed it up, haha! If God told me in my 20’s that I would still be single in my 40’s, who knows what I would have done with that “devastating” information. But the funny thing is, it’s not devastating. What I’ve learned is that being married is not the ultimate destination. If marriage is what God has for me that’s wonderful, but I must say with full confidence and truth that I’m having the time of my life while single! Seriously, I’m living out my purpose, traveling when I want, eating what I want for dinner, and making my own decisions. This is why Paul in the Bible says that we, as singles, should be the happiest of the bunch. With putting God first and living His purpose for your life, there’s a fulfillment that no man can satisfy.

Proverbs 3: 5-6 (NKJV) says to, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” Perhaps He’s given you a few clues about your calling. If not, ask Him. Now it’s up to you to put what He has shown you into action. I’m all for getting someone to help with the vision and keep you accountable; it could be a pastor, coach, trusted friend or family member. Maybe it’s going back to school, joining or starting a ministry, writing a book, starting the fashion line, patenting the invention, writing the curriculum, putting on that healing conference, writing the song, play or movie, starting the business or pitching the TV show. Whatever it is, He knows and He’s waiting to hear from you. Have the conversation, trust Him with it, and let it go.


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