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We LOVE to hear stories about changed lives!

Check out some of the testimonials and stories from experts and single moms below:

If you do not already have a passion for the single mom, you will after reading Maggio’s The Church and the Single Mom!
Nancy Alcorn, Founder & President, Mercy Ministries
Jennifer Maggio has a beautiful and authentic story. Her work impacts not only single mothers but women in every stage of life.
Kerri Weems, Co-Pastor, Celebration Church, Jacksonville, FL
God has given Jennifer Maggio of The Life of a Single Mom a special calling to resource with tools to reach single moms.
Melanie Stone, Founder, Grow Churches
Jennifer Maggio has the ability to put a face on single mothers, regardless of what the statistics say. She is not afraid to ask the tough questions, but is also willing to provide the answers for the greater good.
Bill McCleod, Founder, Single Parents Town
I am in Charlotte, NC and was happy that TLSM had resources available to help us start a support group. It’s obvious that the staff has a genuine concern for the people they serve.
TLSM was there for me in a dark time in my life. You have touched so many single moms’ lives, including mine. I am blessed to be part of the TLSM family.
Christina B.
The Life of a Single Mom Ministries truly changed my life. I was lonely and depressed, having had a stillbirth in 2006, along with the challenges of being a single mom, years later. I felt a sense of connection and belonging in my single moms group.
At the beginning of 2014, I started a single mom’s group in my church. I immediately found the TLSM website and was blown away with all the available resources. It is my go-to site, still today, for all things I need to make my group successful.
A. Oneal
Thank you for being such an inspiring example of obedience and faithfulness. The seeds of a dream once whispered to God have become a roar. Thank you for making a difference for single moms.
TLSM, you have no clue the ripple effect of what you do on other ministries, churches, support groups, and single moms. Thank you.

“I came to my single moms group broken. I was a complete mess – without a heart, soul, or spirit. I was literally planning my own funeral. I had a book with my obituary, my dress, everything for my funeral. I had given away personal things, even my car. I don’t know what happened. I felt God had left me around jr. high. My single moms group saved me. It gave me a reason to live. Those women loved me and I knew it almost instantly. It fed my spirit, restored my soul, and gave me a reason to live. I, then, knew that God hadn’t left me, I just forget he was there. My single moms group opened my eyes and continues to build me up today.”

“Dear TLSM, I didn’t trust anyone, when I first came to a single moms group at church. I worried myself sick. I’ve been through a lot. I entered single motherhood when my kids father was killed. I had to face my biggest fear of being alone. I never was a church-going person. I feel like I’ve found a home now. I had no support system at all. Single Moms is teaching me to love again. My children and I now pray together. I am teaching them about God daily. PS. I love your Overwhelmed book! I’m gonna get the others too!

“As my life began to spiral out of control as a pregnant, unmarried 21-year old, I was convinced that I didn’t belong in a local church. I didn’t think they would want me there. Thank God a friend invited me to a local single mom’s group. I now have a church home and know that I can do this with God’s help. Thank you TLSM!”