From the outside, it doesn’t look like being a single mom and an entrepreneur would have too much in common. One is about your personal life and one is about work. How much could they possibly have in common? More than you might think.

Here are 5 Ways Being a Single Mom Helps In Being an Entrepreneur

  1. Giving Myself Permission— When I became pregnant, I was devastated. I eventually walked my walk to giving myself permission to forgive myself, let go of the vision I had for my life, and become who I’m meant to be (and not hold on to who I thought I was meant to be). In work, I learned I would have to give myself permission to be imperfect (and just do it even if it wasn’t “perfect”), to cut myself a break, and to not work, work, work. I had to give myself permission to create a better balance, not only for son but also for myself.
  2. Patience— In motherhood, I’ve found more patience than I even knew I had. As a recovering control freak, I had to learn to let that go, and things were no longer going to be even in the vicinity of how I wanted…and that’s okay. I learned to adapt quickly. I learned this patience was vital to my business success, because I always wanted things fast and like yesterday. I wanted success and to make a certain amount of money. I realized I had to go through the steps to make that happen, because if it would have all came to me at the beginning, I wouldn’t have known what to do with it or I would’ve run the other way due to fear.
  3. The How and Faith—I like knowing the “how,” but I didn’t know any of the how with single motherhood. It’s not our job to know the how. Once you have faith and believe without a doubt, it will happen. It might not happen (and most likely won’t) the way you want it to (I say thankfully), but it will happen the way it’s supposed to. Many entrepreneurs like the plans laid out in detailed for them before taking a step forward. I learned most times we don’t know the how and have to work our way to it. Have faith and put one foot in front of the other even when you don’t know how you are going to get there. Just know you’ll get there when you are meant to.
  4. Fear— When I was pregnant, I felt very alone, and I was really scared. Scared of the unknown. Scared worrying how I could provide for my son. Scared of what people would say or think. Scared of being judged or stereotyped. But when I finally spoke out at 7 months pregnant by starting a blog, that’s when something incredible happened…I became free and liberated from fear. Business owners allow fear to stand in their way of true success. They are afraid things won’t work out the way they want, so they don’t do it. They are scared they won’t make back their investment, when they are their best investment. Fear paralyzes people. Don’t allow it to, but instead say a resounding, “YES,” because that’s when something truly magnificent waits for you on the other side. You’ll either find solid ground or you’ll find your wings.
  5. Believe in Yourself— After I conquered my shame and fear during pregnancy, and when I became a mom, I did it fully

    As you pray let peace take over your mind. Peace and the single mom can help when you are stressed and need relief. HERE.

    committed. If people wanted to judge, stereotype, or discriminate against me, that was there problem, not mine. I was meant to be advocate for families, and I knew without a doubt, this was my purpose. When I started my company, everyone could tell me, No. It won’t be successful. No one cares. No one will buy. No one will want it. No, no, no, and I would’ve never believed them. I had such conviction that what I was doing to help, educate, and empower single moms would change lives, the economy, and the world. I also whole heartedly jumped in with everything I am and have…money, my beliefs, my time, my dedication, and everything else. So with my conviction, I jumped in and thousands of lives have changed because of it.

No matter if you are a single mom and want to be an entrepreneur or were an entrepreneur and found yourself a single mom, these two “identities” easily feed off and help each other. No matter which one came first, you are a dynamic combination of both. So embrace all sides of your amazing self, celebrate the long road you’ve traveled, and enjoy the path still left to be determined. The world is yours for the taking. Go out and conquer!

Jessica-RectorJessica is an inspirational mentor to single moms worldwide, an author, a speaker, and founder of social enterprise The Single Mom Movement and The Single Mom Movement Community where single moms get the support, help, and empowerment they need to thrive in life.



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