Yep, we’re going there. There’s no sense in pretending the subject does not exist, so… buckle up, friends.

Recently perusing the web, we came across a website that INFURIATED us. In fact, that is probably a serious understatement. Since our life’s passion is single moms, we are always researching single parent topics. We happened upon an article regarding sex and singles. We would not dare give you the name of the site, because we will not give them the satisfaction of multiple hits. But here is what the meat of the article said, loosely translated,

“My name is Sally. I am single. I have been for some time. I am also a Christian. I have been for some time. And I am sexually active. I have been for some time. God created sex. Sex is good. And since no normal human being would be able to abstain for any length of time anyway (and God really does not expect us to), I know God will forgive me. I’m going for it and you should do the same.”

The lengthy article sparked quite the controversy. We almost chimed in with the hundreds of other comments and voiced outrage, but quickly knew that it would fall on deaf ears and she wrote that article (and many like it) for that exact reason of sparking controversy.

80% of the country identifies themselves as Christian, so why is it that none of us talk about this subject? Christians follow God’s written word as their life’s instruction book – The Bible. The Bible is more than clear on its principles regarding sex.

1 Corinthians 6:18 NLT “Run from sexual sin! No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does…” There are dozens and dozens of Scriptures that outline God’s word for how sex is supposed to happen. Sex is good. It IS right. But only within God’s plan for our lives.

This is not new news for most of us. We’ve heard it before. But have you ever wondered why God puts such a difficult “don’t” on our list? Have you ever thought, like the woman above, that this was a ridiculous measure for which no one could ever live up to? That ain’t right how God won’t let us have any fun, huh? Well let me tell you what “ain’t right”…

– Suicides among teen girls

– Sexually transmitted diseases affect millions

– AIDS is still an incurable disease

– Millions of babies have been killed through abortion, because moms cannot afford to or do not see how they could care for them.

– 50% of babies are born outside marriage today, which leads to single parenting. Single parenting among those under 25 is most often associated with lower income rates, higher high school drop out rates, suicide, depression, and abuse.

Those are the facts. (For exact citations, refer to The Church and the Single Mom book by Jennifer Maggio). That does not even broach the subject of giving oneself over sexually to another and how the emotions tie in or the broken hearts that follow


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Let us challenge you with this idea. As a parent, when we tell our 7-year-old not to play in the street, is it because we do not want him to have any fun playing kickball with his friends? Are we just plain ol’ mean parents? No, of course not. It is because we understand the potential danger that our precious seven-year-old could experience and we want to protect him — EVEN IF HE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND WHY. The exact same is true for Christians. Our Heavenly Father does not want to hinder joy in our lives, but He does want to protect us from potential harm.

And before you decide that  we don’t know what we’re talking about or that we’re attempting to beat-you-over-the-head-with-the-Bible, our judge you, let us stop you. We were some of those statistics!  The Life of a Single Mom Ministries is for single moms and over 80% of our staff are single moms! Our stories are varied, but the passion to serve single moms compels us to be vocal on issue that we’ve either personally experienced or ministered to those who have.

Working with over 70,000 single moms annually, we’ve seen single moms struggle emotionally and financially, because they did not wait on God. We’ve seen the trickle affect that this one simple concept (or lack thereof) has had on our economy, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth.

Let us be clear. Everyone has their list of issues they are working on. (We know we sure do). No one thing is greater than the other. We are not even saying this is just a single parent problem, obviously, but our passion is for helping the single parent live a better life.

Before you embark on one more meaningless sexual relationship that could very well leave you more emotionally broken, more financially broken, and more spiritually broken, think about its effects and know that there is great freedom in simply waiting for the right one. God wants more for you.

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