The one thing that I struggle with is not having a male role model for my boys. Well….I guess that’s not the only thing I struggle with, but it’s a big one! When dad isn’t around or isn’t consistently around, it’s hard to deal with.  I love my boys, but I’m not a man. Simple as that. I cannot teach them all that they need to know to be a man. So, what can we, as single moms, do to ensure that our boys are raised with Godly male influence? Here are a few:

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  1. Ask in your church: Is there a youth pastor or deacon in your church that would be willing to play the role of big brother or unofficial uncle toyour son(s)? Ask around. See if someone is willing and able to show your son how to fix a leaky facet, catch a football or wash mom’s car.
  2. Look for community programs: Programs like Big Brothers/Big Sisters are a great way to find a mentor for your son. Sports or other extra curricular activities can be a great place to find a role model. My boys are in Royal Rangers at a local Assembly of God church and I’m so grateful for the men that are pouring into their lives.
  3. Ask to be adopted: Do you have a married friend that would be willing to adopt your family?? Can her husband help you out with your boys from time to time? Help answer those hard questions or address behavior? Sometimes all boys need is a man to man talk to work some things out.
  4. Don’t discount dad: I know that this can be a hard pill to swallow but try to encourage a relationship with dad whenever you can.

Latoya-EdwardsLatoya Edwards is a single mom to two boys. She writes about her adventures as a homeschooling single mom of boys. She is a daughter of the King who takes great joy in encouraging others with her journey. She is a writer for Moms Together, Busy Moms, Mothering from Scratch and countless others. For more information, visit



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