“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”
~ Matthew 7:15

In 2011, former Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky was accused of multiple counts of rape on minors.  The information released about his victims is very disturbing.  How he used a non-profit organization and the lure of college football to get them near him.  It’s so sad.  It’s so horrible and so disgusting!  But what about the parents of these kids?  Why would they let them be part of such a program where they would get abused like this? Why didn’t they protect their kids?

I grew up in a central Pennsylvania town called Altoona which is located about 45 minutes from State College, PA where Penn State is located.  We were a lower income family. I loved Penn State Football and my grandfather would sometimes sign us up for free community things to get us whatever help we could receive.  I have thought about this a few times, but I am very thankful that no one ever entered me into The Second Mile program that Jerry Sandusky used as one of his tools to get access to at-risk children.  Growing up as an “at-risk” child myself I could have been one of these victims.  It makes me so thankful and relieved that I was never a part of this!

What about you?

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As a single mom you most likely want what is best for your children.  You want to protect your children from wolves like Jerry Sandusky, but how?  You must take precautions.  Does this mean that you should never trust anyone?  No!  Does this mean that you should never allow anyone around your children?  No!  Does this mean that you should do your homework and monitor any relationships outside of your home?  YES!

Here are a couple of suggestions for protecting your children while they are being mentored or when they are entered into extra-curricular activities.

Be Present

Be at the same activities. Go to the same places that your children are getting mentored or being taught things outside of your home.

Never Let Them Be Alone

Never let your children be alone with another adult, anywhere.  Make sure there is a group going.

Trust your gut

You have a built in intuition as a parent and especially as a mom.  Trust it!  If you get a weird feeling about someone then that is probably for a reason.

Protect Your Child’s Innocence

One of the worst things that can happen to a child is when they lose their innocence. Keep them away from dirty movies, evil music, nasty language.  Tell the people in your life that you don’t want those things around your kids.

Don’t Do Sleepovers

Dr. Dobson from FamilyLife said something to the effect that sleepovers shouldn’t be something parents let their children attend because of the high rate of sexual abuse that occurs during them. Tim Challies shared about this in a post on his website from 2014:
“James Dobson believes that children should not participate in sleepovers. The world has changed, he says, and has become too dangerous to allow your children out of your sight for so long. In his book Bringing Up Girls, he says:
Sadly, the world has changed in the last few decades, and it is no longer a safe place for children. Pedophiles and child molesters are more pervasive than ever. That is why parents must be diligent to protect their kids every hour of the day and night. …
Until you have dealt with little victims as I have and seen the pain in their eyes, you might not fully appreciate the devastation inflicted by molestation. It casts a long shadow on everything that follows, including future marital relationships. Therefore, parents have to think the unthinkable in every situation. The threat can come from anywhere—including neighbors, uncles, stepfathers, grandfathers, Sunday school teachers, coaches, music instructors, Scout leaders, and babysitters. Even public bathrooms can be dangerous today…”

Know Their Circle

Only let your children around solid dedicated Christians that have a strong testimony of their faith – but even then make sure to be cautious.  Sadly even in the Christian world there have been many wolves in sheeps clothing.

Is this a fool proof plan?  No.  Abuse could occur literally anywhere.  The moral of the story is for you to be aware and watching and knowing that your foremost responsibility as a single mom is to protect, provide, and care for your children.  If anything comes between your protection, provision, or your caring for your children then question it, analyze it, examine it, and decide what is the best for your children.  Don’t put anyone’s opinions, wants, or needs above your children’s.  They need you to look out for them!

You can do this and God will help! Pray for his protection over them and guidance to help you!  Psalm 68:5 says that God is “A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, Is God in His holy habitation.”  I love this verse so much!  Through you and your children having a personal relationship with Jesus, God will be your children’s Father and He will defend you!  Trust in Him and use the common sense and wisdom that He has given to you!

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