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Impact a single mom. Impact her child. Impact a nation.

Our programs focus on educating the general public about the challenges single moms face while simultaneously helping single mothers achieve success in the areas of parenting, finances, and health & wellness.


The Life of a Single Mom establishes support groups for single parents and provides programming for single parents that promote success in parenting, finances, and health & wellness. We are a hub for all things single-parent and single parent ministry related and are excited to bring a large variety of programs that ensure that no single mom walks alone!  Our programs are detailed below and include: support groups, online education, financial & parenting workshops, events, exercise & self-care classes, counseling, mentoring, life-mapping, fresh produce distribution, home repairs, teaching curriculum, prayer, and much more.

Single Moms Across America establishes successful support groups in churches & communities around the United States, while also providing on-going support for these groups, connecting single mothers there, and providing materials & support for facilitators to be successful. Our unique implementation program assists churches and community groups with effective strategies to establish, grow, and maintain single mom support groups with special focus on overcoming financial, parenting, and health & wellness challenges. Our support group network has proven to be one of the most successful in the country for connecting single mothers and changing their lives. Our support services for group facilitators include coaching, curriculum, event planning, volunteer training, and more.

S.O.S is a service-based program that provides a home improvement project to a needy single mom, while simultaneously teaching other single moms how to give back in their respective communities.  This program promotes a give-back approach and a refocusing perspective from self to others while giving single moms a sense of accomplishment. We encourage single moms to serve other single moms and to also serve a variety of other people groups. Service projects are both local & national, in scale, vary monthly, and can be led by a support group facilitator, our staff, or volunteer teams. Need service ideas? See below:

Single Moms Serving Others

Ways to Serve a Single Mom

Nominate a Single Mother

The National Single Mom of the Year Award is an annual event whereby one single mother in the continental United States is selected through a nominating/application process and determined by an independent Judging Committee to be recognized for her resilience, courage, strength, and character. This program is designed to promote positive outcomes in single mother-led households. Extensive prize package is included.

Our Revive program educates single mothers on the importance of health & wellness. It includes both licensed and peer counseling, prevention, self-care practices, life-mapping, healthy eating techniques, free exercise classes, educational symposiums, online curriculum, distribution of healthy produce, occupational workshops, and more. Revive is designed to improve psychological, social, spiritual, and occupational functioning. Our Revive program is primarily done on a state-wide level, but has been duplicated nationally.

Single Mom University is an exciting online, self-paced classroom and education program that equips single mothers with life skills and tools to improve economic opportunities, parent well, and thrive in a variety of areas. Single Mom University utilizes national experts to teach short classes with corresponding quizzes to assess retention, optional homework, and even additional resources for continued learning. Single Mom University is perfect for single moms of all stages of life and ministry leaders who work with single mothers. Our Ministry Leaders’ Corner includes best practices on group facilitation, how to avoid burnout, event planning, and more.  It further provides teaching material to our expansive support group network.

Single Parenting 101 offers financial literacy and parenting education classes for single parents to promote healthy money management and parenting skills addressing issues with the “whole” single mom in mind. This program ensures that single parents understand the basics necessary to thrive in both parenting and finances.  Programs are taught through our current support group network with pre- and post-test analysis to ensure success.  Classes include Understanding Credit, Homeownership, Budgeting, Raising Boys Well, and many other parenting- and financial-centric classes.