Preparing Your Single Moms Ministry for Growth

Many churches are beginning to see the significance of hosting single parent support groups as part of their discipleship and outreach programs. Having a single moms ministry and outreach program in your church is vital to enhance ongoing efforts in the body of Christ to make single parents feel welcomed in our churches.  Single parents are the fastest-growing sector of our population, so we must be strategic with our ministry efforts in order to be effective.

So, here you are. You’ve started your single moms support group, ministry, outreach program, and/or Sunday School class, and…nothing. You see very little growth. You are not getting much response from the ads in the church bulletin or the flyers you’ve distributed in town.  Or maybe the ministry has been going on for years and it is stagnant, hosting the same 4 ladies it has for years. What next?

Here are a few tips that can help you kick-start your program:

  1. Relationship development comes first. Oftentimes, we see leaders of single moms’ support groups become so overzealous for teaching single parents about parenting or finances or any number of other single parent issues that they forget that relationships lead to ministry. In other words, it is very hard to invest into someone’s life and give advice, encouragement, and correction, if you have never learned who they are. Take the time in your ministry to learn who your attendees are. Spend the time getting to know their story.
  2. Be open to change. Maybe you’ve always had your single moms support group on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday night. Maybe that was convenient for you, because the church was already hosting childcare during those times. Or maybe you held your group on a Monday or Tuesday night. Consider changing your times. Consider changing your length of meetings. Consider adding something new. Growing ministries are those who can keep things fresh and new. You don’t have to do things “the way you’ve always done them.”
  3. Consider the participants who are not yet here. Many times, we see single parent support group leaders surveying their current participants about changes that could be made within the ministry. (e.g. Do you want to change the nights of our meetings? Do you want to open up our study to single moms in the community, instead of those just in our church? Do you want to meet more/less frequently?) Many times, a single moms’ group stays at only 4 or 5 attendees, because those attendees are only focusing on what works best for them. The questions much shift from “me” to “we”. When we begin to ask questions, such as “How would those girls who are not yet attending a church feel if we opened up the group to them?”  or “How much more convenient might a twice per month Bible study be for busy single moms, rather than having one every week?” Once leaders shift focus to those who have not yet started in their programs, there is great potential for new growth.
  4. Have fun and be flexible. Play games. Have fun contests. Be creative. If your support group is always 6-7 women sitting around sharing woe-is-me stories, your group won’t grow. If your support group is always 22 minutes of teaching 8 minutes of prayer, and 3.4 minutes of socializing, it becomes boring. Have fun. Be flexible. Enjoy the fellowship. If you don’t get to all 10 points you had prepared for this week’s lesson, it’s okay. Flexibility can mean great fun, and it keeps your participants excited and coming back (and bringing a friend)!
  5. Leaders, single moms support group is NOT time for you to share your story. Too often single moms’ support groups grow dry or stagnant, because the leader(s) think this is their time to share all about their divorce, their hardships, their story. It isn’t. These women need to see Jesus, not us! Our stories are merely used in bits and pieces to further enhance God’s faithfulness.

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  1. myrna ortiz August 12, 2013 at 9:08 am - Reply

    how can i get more info about single parents ministry for my church? God bless you

  2. Zadora Jones September 18, 2013 at 9:08 pm - Reply

    I am the leader of the Single Mom’s ministry at my church. It seems it was really taking off at first but now it seems stagnant. Do you have any more advice for me like how often to meet, what topics to discuss, etc…?

    • TLSMSTAFF September 18, 2013 at 10:13 pm - Reply

      Zadora, we’d love to help you with your ministry. First, take some time to go through our Ministry Leaders Corner on the site. There are several articles written in regards to growing your single moms’ ministry. Also, be sure you are signed up for our free monthly newsletter on our website. Have you purchased The Church and the Single Mom Book and the Church and the Single Mom Ministry Resource Kit? If not, your church needs to invest in those, as this is the step-by-step program developed by our founder, who founded one of the nation’s largest single moms’ support groups in a church. Those resources are invaluable at helping you grow the ministry, give it fresh life, excite your members, etc.

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