One thing that I struggle with constantly, as a single mom, is feeling like a failure. I look around at all the things that my boys don’t have and I just ache for them. I remember one morning having a hard time getting out of bed. My heart was heavy and I was weary to the bone.

“Lord I just don’t think I can do it today.”

Have you ever been there with your children? So worn out and discouraged because of all the things that you just couldn’t give to your children or do for them?

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That very same day something amazing happened. Both my boys climbed into bed with me and just cuddled for a few minutes. They kissed me on the check, told me they loved me, and said how happy they were to spend the day with me.

They did not go on and on about all the things their friends had that they didn’t. In fact, I’m pretty sure my boys don’t noticed that their clothes are stained, faded, and covered with holes most of the time. They don’t complain when we have PB&J everyday for lunch, because I’m out of food money for the week.

They are just happy to spend time with me.

Let that sink into those wounded places of your mama heart for a few minutes.

The thing that your children need the most is YOU! You, their mom! Not stuff, not vacations and trips! Just You.

You are enough! 

The next time that you are feeling like a failure get up and enjoy your children. Pack up those PB&J sandwiches and head to the park. Splash in puddles, paint pictures, roll in the grass, and attempt to catch a football.

Latoya-EdwardsLaToya Edwards has a heart for equipping and inspiring women to find their passion and purpose through life coaching. You can find her blogging about homeschooling, single parenting, and learning to find God’s purpose and plan in broken circumstances at .

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