On Friday, October 16, 2015, the National Single Mom of the Year awards ceremony was held at Healing Place Church. The 2015 recipient, Dayna Buri of Duvall, Washington, described it as a weekend she’ll not soon forget.

She was greeted by a welcoming committee at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport, complete with a dozen roses, balloons, signs, perfume, and jewelry. The next couple of days were peppered with such treats as accommodations in a 4-star hotel, a makeover, photo shoot, cash, gifts, and more.


The awards ceremony was standing room only, as single moms and single mom supporters piled into Healing Place Church. Free manicures, makeovers, and a photo booth were available for all to enjoy. A traditional Cajun meal of gumbo was free for all and the meal was finished with gourmet desserts.

As Dayna was welcomed to the stage by 2016 Board President of The Life of a Single Mom Ministries, Beth Alford, tears flowed from many in the audience. One of the most beautiful things Dayna shared is how hard the last year has been for her, being diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor in January 2015 and enduring countless procedures and treatment, all while raising her young daughter and repeatedly having an encouraging word for others in her life. Her words to the other single moms who were present were as follows:

 “We got this, single moms. Even when it seems tough, we’ve got it. Because God’s got us!” – Dayna Buri, 2015 National Single Mom of the Year

Alon11224348_10207815609207452_3368523429445518419_og with awarding the 2015 National Single Mom of the year, The Life of a Single Mom Ministries honored 200 single moms from around the state of Louisiana with brand new clothing and accessories from a chain retailer in town valued at more than $10,000.

Jennifer Maggio, CEO of the organization said, “This is why we do what we do — so that single moms can be blessed and know how valuable they are.” 

Do you know a single mom who is building character, courage, and commitment to Christ in her life and the lives of her children, while highlighting her commitment to Christ through the journey. Nominate her now!

Nominations for the 2016 National Single Mom of the Year are now open.



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