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The first step in launching a TLSM Single Moms’ Group is gaining support from your church pastor or leadership team. We recommend starting with The Church and the Single Mom for use in your presentation. This book will help develop a formal presentation, as it is full of statistics and stories of single mothers’ church experiences, as well as Biblical reference on why a single moms’ ministry and outreach plan is important for every church, regardless of size or denomination. The book also includes basic logistical steps on how to get started, as well as answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions we received.

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We also have some additional free resources to assist with the presentation:

Presenting the Idea of Single Moms’ Ministry
How to Handle a “No” or “Wait” from Your Pastor
Debunking Single Parent Ministry Myths
Why One-Time Single Mom Events Aren’t Enough
Why 2 out of 3 Single Moms Don’t Attend Your Church
Everything You Need to Know About Single Moms’ Ministry

Once you’ve gotten approval from your leadership team, we’ve got you covered on training, curriculum, and ongoing support. The Life of a Single Mom has been ministering to single mothers for more than a decade. And now, we want to share what we’ve learned with you!

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We exist to encourage, equip, and empower YOU – the single mom ministry leader! To date, we have worked with more than 1,500 churches and community groups, including corporations, colleges, and nonprofits, to establish, grow, or improve a single moms’ ministry plan. We help you build outreach plans, support groups, and events for single mothers that are effective. Whether you are new to single mom’s ministry or have been doing it for years, The Life of a Single Mom can help you!

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*Note: While we highly recommend becoming a TLSM-Certified group, it is not required. A church can opt to purchase all of our materials and curriculum a la carte in our ministry store. There are discounts available for package purchases as well as additional support services.

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Determine what curriculum you will teach

We offer a variety of curriculum to lead your support group meetings. Whether you want to focus on parenting or finding hope for the overwhelmed single mom, we have you covered! Purchase of a book includes a study guide that will provide you with discussion questions for your group meetings.

Prefer video teachings? You should try Single Mom University! With over 100 video courses on everything from parenting to finances to health & spiritual wellness, we have you covered! Each course also includes discussion questions to lead your group, homework assignments for your moms and put into practice the lessons they learn, and so much more!

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