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We are committed to helping churches and communities with best practices to reach, serve, and impact single moms in productive ways!

With over a decade of experience, our goal is to equip churches & communities with the knowledge and resources they need to reach single mothers in effective and influential ways. We provide programs, events, and services to train, educate, and equip leaders to reach single mothers.  Whether you are new to single mom’s ministry or have been serving single parents for years through nonprofit, church, or community work, our industry-leading programs, curriculum, workshops, & events can help you.

We have worked to provide a balance of free and low-cost options for those who work with single mothers to ensure real impact is made in the lives of these precious families. Check out some free PDF’s below to get you started, as well as details on other services we provide:

We would LOVE to hear how your Single Moms Ministry is going! Visit HERE to give us an update!

Are you interested in launching a single moms group in your church or community? Or would you like some ideas on improving your existing program? Visit HERE.

Is your church currently running a single moms support group or looking to launch one? Do you need on-going support, personalized prayer, coaching & training? Then, consider joining Single Mom University. This unique opportunity allows single parent ministry leaders to take online classes in the area of ministry leadership, including how to grow your ministry, how to work with volunteers, how to stay healthy in the fight, and so much more. Additionally, SMU allows ministry leaders to have access to all 70+ classes for single parents. These classes can easily be played in a group setting to allow for hundreds of discussions, at your finger tips. For more information, visit HERE.

Do you have a Single Moms’ or Single Parents’ Support Group that is not listed on our national MAP? Let us know and we’ll gladly list it, so that single parents in your area can find you. Email all the details to info@thelifeofasinglemom.com.

We exist to equip ministry leaders to reach as many single moms as possible. One of the ways we do that is our comprehensive Single Mom Ministry Training Kit. Check it out here.

We provide teaching materials for your single parent support groups, covering a wide range of single parent topics. All curriculum includes a leader’s guide at no additional cost. Visit us HERE for more information on the books and curriculum we have available. Additionally, we now offer Single Mom University (SMU) to Ministry Leaders. Access to SMU provides ministry leaders with best practices for how to conduct single moms’ ministry, but it also gives leaders access to 70+ classes that can easily be played in a small group setting to help facilitate discussion. Check out Single Mom University today!

The Life of a Single Mom hosts webinars, simulcasts, and on-site training for those wanting more information on the challenges faced by single parent families, as well as volunteer and leadership training sessions on facilitating successful single parent support groups. Be sure you are signed up for our monthly newsletter and visit the site often. We update it every week!

Our monthly newsletter is full of tips on single parent ministry and encouragement for single parents. Our newsletter subscribers are teh first to hear about all that is going on within our organization, as well as new events, products, and materials. Looking for ways to encourage your single parents? Have them sign up for our newsletter, too!  (Also, direct them to check out our Single Parent Help page).

Be sure to stop by our free news page for detailed articles on single parent ministry, suggestions on ways to improve your single mom’s ministry, and fresh ideas at Ministry Leaders Corner. We use experts, authors, and national speakers to write weekly articles on single parent ministry and single parent encouragement.

We host weekly LIVE discussions on a variety of social media outlets that offer single-parent relevant topics and ministry ideas for those who work with them. Each week’s discussion varies and we have participants who chime in under the comments section. This is an easy way for our followers to get involved throughout the day or simply jump online after work and catch up with the tips and encouragement we’ve discussed for that day.  We also host free LIVE Facebook events that discuss single parent ministry topics via video feed. Be sure to check out our events page for more info HERE.

Be sure to visit our Podcasts and Videos tabs for valuable information on ministering to single parents, as well as ideas on topics that you may want to teach in your local support group.  We update our podcasts and videos frequently, so check back often.

Are you needing effective children’s curriculum to teach children during your single mom’s support group time? Check out our friends over at Manners of the Heart.

MENTORING SERVICES:  There are a number of great mentoring services available in different areas of the United States.  While listing below does not constitute any formal partnership, we like these two groups:

Fathers in the Field

The Mentoring Project

New Commandment Men’s Ministries allows men in the church to serve single mothers and widows in an organized way.  To institute a men’s ministry team in your church, check their website out.