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The first step in launching a TLSM Single Moms’ Group is gaining support from your church pastor or leadership team. We recommend starting with The Church and the Single Mom for use in your presentation. This book will help develop a formal presentation, as it is full of statistics and stories of single mothers’ church experiences, as well as Biblical reference on why a single moms’ ministry and outreach plan is important for every church, regardless of size or denomination. The book also includes basic logistical steps on how to get started, as well as answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions we received.

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We also have some additional free resources to assist with the presentation:

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How to Handle a “No” or “Wait” from Your Pastor
Debunking Single Parent Ministry Myths
Why One-Time Single Mom Events Aren’t Enough
Why 2 out of 3 Single Moms Don’t Attend Your Church
Everything You Need to Know About Single Moms’ Ministry

Once you’ve gotten approval from your leadership team, we’ve got you covered on training, curriculum, and ongoing support. The Life of a Single Mom has been ministering to single mothers for more than a decade. And now, we want to share what we’ve learned with you!

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We exist to encourage, equip, and empower YOU – the single mom ministry leader! To date, we have worked with more than 1,500 churches and community groups, including corporations, colleges, and nonprofits, to establish, grow, or improve a single moms’ ministry plan. We help you build outreach plans, support groups, and events for single mothers that are effective. Whether you are new to single mom’s ministry or have been doing it for years, The Life of a Single Mom can help you!

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*Note: While we highly recommend becoming a TLSM-Certified group, it is not required. A church can opt to purchase all of our materials and curriculum a la carte in our ministry store. There are discounts available for package purchases as well as additional support services.

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Determine what curriculum you will teach

We offer a variety of curriculum to lead your support group meetings. Whether you want to focus on parenting or finding hope for the overwhelmed single mom, we have you covered! Purchase of a book includes a study guide that will provide you with discussion questions for your group meetings.

Prefer video teachings? You should try Single Mom University! With over 100 video courses on everything from parenting to finances to health & spiritual wellness, we have you covered! Each course also includes discussion questions to lead your group, homework assignments for your moms and put into practice the lessons they learn, and so much more!

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about launching a group:

The Life of a Single Mom has worked with a number of churches & community groups who launch single moms’, single dads’, or single parents’ groups, and we leave that choice to the discretion of each host site’s pastoral/leadership team. However, we recommend creating a single moms’ ministry and a single dads’ ministry separately with regular joint get-togethers.  Men and women learn and fellowship differently. Aside from that, sometimes the devastation of a recent divorce can leave many women or men apprehensive to enter too quickly into a co-ed environment.
Yes! Most of the support groups we have helped to start in churches are led by current or former single moms.
The Life of a Single Mom believes that is appropriate to always garner approval from those who are in authority over you. If you are starting a group in your local church (even if it meets in your home), we highly recommend getting pastoral approval for. (The same is true of an executive team for community/corporate gatherings).  We’ve written some tips on how to present to your leadership, as well as what to do if they say yes or no. You can check it out HERE or HERE and HERE.
The Life of a Single Mom offers a wide array of teaching material to remove the guess work from that!  Don’t worry. Who God calls, He equips.  You may want to start with Single Mom University classes, as this will require no teaching from you. Simply join, log on, and play a video (class) of your choosing.  Then facilitate a discussion using the supplemental materials as a guide.  If you prefer an actual book for each of your attendees. We have several. They all come with study questions & a leaders guide. You can check those out HERE.
No. Single Moms’ Groups are simply a ministry extension of your church, just like youth group, women’s ministry, college ministry or others.  There is no need to start a separate nonprofit, and really no reason to do so, as your church already has a tax ID number, should you need to collect donations or money to support the ministry.
The Life of a Single Mom is committed to seeing no single mom walk alone. That means, it is very important to us to support you – the ministry leader! We do so in a number of ways.  First, we issue a monthly newsletter with quick tips/encouragement for you. Sign up on the home page of our website. We also offer free weekly articles for single moms and ministry leaders on our site. After you have started your group (or if you already have an existing group), you need to fill out our Ministry Leaders Contact form HERE. Once you do that, you go into our system to receive regular correspondence from our ministry team that is specific to your ministry.  We also offer a new ministry leader consultation for those needing ongoing support!  With over a decade of front line single mom ministry experience, including implementation of a new ministry, presenting the idea to pastors, and growing existing groups, The Life of a Single Mom team can offer 30-minute phone consultations. (Note: You will receive an email to schedule your appointment after purchase).

While we highly recommend becoming a TLSM-Certified group, it is not required. A church can opt to purchase all of our materials and curriculum a la carte in our ministry store. There are discounts available for package purchases as well as additional support services.
Call us at 225-341-8055. We’re happy to help!

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