What I Learned About Being an Entrepreneur by Jessica Rector

There were many nights as I was in the shower, my mind would go to my business. I would think What are you doing and why? You’re not making any money. Are you sure this is what you should be doing? When are you going to start making money? I feel like such a failure. I don’t want to have to get another job. I want to keep doing this.

Before I knew it tears would fill my eyes and stream down my face. I’d allow myself to process the emotion, before I would grab my towel to wipe off my face.

I’d get out of the shower and get dressed making sure I didn’t think about business. Just let me get into bed without crying, and I’ll be good.

These moments would only last a few minutes, but they tore at my heart. I wanted so desperately to make my company successful.

I look back at how far I’ve traveled. I’m so grateful I walked this path even though it was tough. It led me to exactly where I am. Your struggles and challenges help create who you’re meant to be. So never, ever give up.

It would have been easy to give up or give in…to just go get a corporate job or wait tables, which I had been doing off and on for over two decades, part of which when I was trying to grow my business. One day something happened that would forever change the way I looked at what I was doing.

I was attending a seminar when a guest speaker got on the stage. He asked the audience why they do what they do. People shouted out answers like, “It’s my passion,” “I love helping people,” or “To make a difference.”

He said, “This is why I do it” and showed a picture of his four kids. I started to cry. This was only a few months after my son was born and around the same time I was thinking I needed to look for a job in Corporate America. After seeing that, I told myself, “You can’t tell B he can be and do anything he wants if you’re not doing the same thing.”

From that point forward, I had conviction in everything I did. When I changed my company name, I knew it was what I was supposed to do. When it changed from a coaching business to a movement, that’s exactly how it was meant to be. I had absolute conviction, and I believed enough for everyone who didn’t. I absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, knew this is where I was meant to be.

Were there still hard days? Yes there were, but did I ever question what I was doing or why I was doing it again? Absolutely not.

The stronger your conviction (if you don’t have conviction then you’re not doing what you are meant to do) in what you’re doing, the more you’ll get others rallying behind you and supporting you. And even if there is no one, when you believe in yourself, that’s enough to carry you through any struggle!

Only you stand in your way of greatness. I believe in your ability to do wonders. Go out there and create the life you want as an entrepreneur!


Jessica-RectorJessica is an inspirational mentor to single moms worldwide, an author, a speaker, and founder of social enterprise The Single Mom Movement and The Single Mom Movement Community where single moms get the support, help, and empowerment they need to thrive in life. For more information, please visit www.TheSingleMomMovement.com


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The Life of a Single Mom (TLSM) is a 501c3 nonprofit that exists to serve single parents and those who work with single parents. We are fully accredited through a variety of organizations that include high levels of financial accountability and awards for our premiere financial stewardship, including GuideStar, Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability, Great Nonprofits, Chamber of Commerce, LANO, and others. 

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  1. Nawio Api January 7, 2016 at 10:10 pm - Reply

    I am so blessed to read your articles on entrepreunership and the encouragements. Iam a single mom as well and also have dreams to be an entrepreuner. Its 2016 and I’m being inspired now to make it happen.

    God bless your ministry.

    I am from the country of Papua New Guinea, just above Australia.

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