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Want to start your own Single Moms Group or simply improve an existing program? Check out our resources & quick tips.

The first step in launching a single parent program is gaining support from your church pastor or community leadership team. We recommend starting with the book, The Church and the Single Mom, for use in your presentation. This book will help develop a formal presentation, as it is full of statistics and stories of single mothers’ church experiences, as well as Biblical reference on why a single moms’ ministry and outreach plan is important for every church, regardless of size or denomination. The book also includes basic logistical steps on how to get started, as well as answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions we received.

Having trouble gaining support  from your pastor or church leadership? Don’t know where to start?

 Here are some helpful articles on best practices:

Here are some of our most popular articles for ministry leaders & facilitators:

Once you’ve got the approval from your leadership team, you are ready to move forward with a launching the support group. The Church and the Single Mom Ministry Training Kit contains best practices, logistics on how to start, practical help on childcare, procuring and training volunteers, and more than a decade of experience put together by our team on how we’ve helped hundreds of churches throughout the U.S. to launch or improve their single moms’ program. The kit includes it is a step-by-step resource packet specifically designed for single moms’ support groups. This will be a resource you’ll refer to time and again over the years.

The kit is designed to equip churches and communities on how to launch a single parent support group from pre-launch to post-launch stage, as well as provide suggestions for improving/restructuring an existing program to gain traction. It is a complete How-To guide with basics on getting started including FAQ’s, Do’s and Dont’s, volunteer development, long-term sustainability, and more.

The kit includes:
  • 4-Overwhelmed Books (Curriclum to Teach Single Moms)
  • 3-Church and the Single Mom  (for Volunteers/Pastors)
  • 45-minute Teaching DVD with Frequently Asked Questions
  • Extensive 200 pg. Workbook
  • Customizable CD for print materials, flyers, brochures, and a promotional plan
  • Resource CD with Worksheets including: Participant Forms, Guest Speaker Prospecting, Volunteer Assessments, Etc.
  • A handy carrying case with side pockets to keep all your ministry materials together
  • AND purchase of kit includes one free 30-minute phone consultation with our ministry team, holding more than a decade of front lines single mom ministry experience! Find out everything you need to know to minister to single parents in your church more successfully.

Some Questions Addressed in our Resource Kit include:

  • How do I get started with our single moms support group on little to no budget?
  • How do we grow or improve our existing program to reach more single moms?
  • Do we even need a single moms’ support group, if we have divorce recovery classes and/or singles ministries?
  • What is the difference between a Singles’ Ministry & a Single Moms’ Ministry?
  • How do we recruit and train volunteers?
  • What if we are on a shoestring budget? Can we do this?
  • How should the ministry be set-up, frequency of meetings, etc.?

With over a decade of front line single mom ministry experience, including implementation of a new ministry, presenting the idea to pastors, and growing existing groups, The Life of a Single Mom team can work with you to start your group. Our phone consultations may be all you need to get your ministry off the ground or give it a facelift.  While we higly recommend the comprehensive ministry kit, as it will be a resource you will refer to for years to come, we will gladly provide 30-minute phone consultations, too. Don’t want to buy the entire kit, but need a consultation on single moms’ ministry best practices? Purchase a 30-minute phone consultation instead. (Note: You will receive an email to schedule your appointment).

Once you have gained approval from your pastoral team and learned how to launch your program with the ministry kid, you must decide on teaching material for your support group. Teaching material will be very important for the health of your group.  An in-depth study into the book of Revelation or the latest-greatest Christian author’s book may not resonate with your single moms’ group, as much as single mom-specific curriculum will.  Meeting your single moms where they are in their life’s journey will be helpful in gaining their trust and increasing the likelihood of them staying planted in the group long-term. There are 3 areas that every single mom will struggle with during the course of her single parenting journey, regardless of age or story. They include: Parenting, Finances, and Emotional/Spiritual Health.  We recommend starting with our book,  Overwhelmed: The Life of a Single Mom. This book covers an overview of all the critical areas a single mom will face: parenting, financial health, emotional healing, transitioning well, and more. It includes a 12-part participant’s guide and leader’s guide. This is the perfect way to begin your ministry and a great introduction to who we are. In addition, we offer other single mom studies: Peace and the Single Mom and Kids and the Single Mom. These books, likewise, include a participant’s guide and leader’s guide. For more information or to purchase, visit HERE.

**** Bulk teaching materials can be discounted. Contact for more information.

If you prefer an electronic version of curriculum (similar to follow-along DVDs and study guides), then you’ll love Single Mom University! Single Mom University includes 100+ classes in critical areas of parenting, finances, and health & wellness. There’s even a Ministry Leaders’ Track just for you that includes 4 free ebooks with leaders’ guides and special ministry leader coursework. This online life skills classroom includes coursework such as: Co-Parenting, Battling Busyness, Overcoming Abuse, The Top 25 Ways to Save Money, and many, many more. Simply log into the university, play the selected course and use the quiz as a guideline for discussion questions. There’s even homework and additional resources for each class, if you want to really challenge your single moms! Learn more HERE.

For ongoing support, visit our Ministry Leader’s Help page often.  You’ll find helpful tips on growing your group, battling burnout, planning single moms’ events, and more.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about launching a group:

The Life of a Single Mom has worked with a number of churches & community groups who launch single moms’, single dads’, or single parents’ groups, and we leave that choice to the discretion of each host site’s pastoral/leadership team. However, we recommend creating a single moms’ ministry and a single dads’ ministry separately with regular joint get-togethers.  Men and women learn and fellowship differently. Aside from that, sometimes the devastation of a recent divorce can leave many women or men apprehensive to enter too quickly into a co-ed environment.
Yes! Most of the support groups we have helped to start in churches are led by current or former single moms.
The Life of a Single Mom believes that is appropriate to always garner approval from those who are in authority over you. If you are starting a group in your local church (even if it meets in your home), we highly recommend getting pastoral approval for. (The same is true of an executive team for community/corporate gatherings).  We’ve written some tips on how to present to your leadership, as well as what to do if they say yes or no. You can check it out HERE or HERE and HERE.
The Life of a Single Mom offers a wide array of teaching material to remove the guess work from that!  Don’t worry. Who God calls, He equips.  You may want to start with Single Mom University classes, as this will require no teaching from you. Simply join, log on, and play a video (class) of your choosing.  Then facilitate a discussion using the supplemental materials as a guide.  If you prefer an actual book for each of your attendees. We have several. They all come with study questions & a leaders guide. You can check those out HERE.
No. Single Moms’ Groups are simply a ministry extension of your church, just like youth group, women’s ministry, college ministry or others.  There is no need to start a separate nonprofit, and really no reason to do so, as your church already has a tax ID number, should you need to collect donations or money to support the ministry.
The Life of a Single Mom is committed to seeing no single mom walk alone. That means, it is very important to us to support you – the ministry leader! We do so in a number of ways.  First, we issue a monthly newsletter with quick tips/encouragement for you. Sign up on the home page of our website. We also offer free weekly articles for single moms and ministry leaders on our site. After you have started your group (or if you already have an existing group), you need to fill out our Ministry Leaders Contact form HERE. Once you do that, you go into our system to receive regular correspondence from our ministry team that is specific to your ministry.  We also offer a new ministry leader consultation for those needing ongoing support!  With over a decade of front line single mom ministry experience, including implementation of a new ministry, presenting the idea to pastors, and growing existing groups, The Life of a Single Mom team can offer 30-minute phone consultations. (Note: You will receive an email to schedule your appointment after purchase).

Call us at 225-341-8055. We’re happy to help!