Just Don’t

We always love the list of Do’s in our lives, but sometimes, it’s more important to receive the list of Don’ts. These are a few of the Don’ts in my life that have helped to give me freedom and peace. I hope they help you,too!

Please DON’T…

1. Don’t worry about what the next person is doing, but worry about why you are worried about what they are doing.

2. Don’t spend your life feeling something over nothing that concerns you.

3. Don’t live at the GATE OF OFFENSE!! When you have been offended by someone, everything that they do or say will automatically cause you to think that it’s in reference to you, when it probably isn’t.

4. Don’t assume that people don’t care about you, rather realize that people have lives. Just because they are your relatives or friends, their lives don’t revolve around you. If they can’t attend an event, it’s okay.  If they can’t swing by your house or catch up for dinner, it’s okay. If they can’t call or text this week, it’s okay. It’s not that you aren’t valuable or a priority. We would all do well to stop being offended, but someone else’s availability. We all are learning the art of balancing careers, family time, relationships & callings, so don’t get angry, just be more understanding..

5. Don’t stab someone in the back & then pretend that you are the one bleeding.

6. Don’t ignore the obvious.

7. Don’t attempt to be someone else. Just do what you are called to do. When you attempt to tackle the task or operate in somebody else’s calling, you will literally kill yourself trying to do what the next person does. Be comfortable with what God has called you to do. Be comfortable in being who you are.

8. Don’t compare your beginning to somebody else’s middle or ending. You don’t know what the first 20 chapters of their book looked like. Trust God’s timing for your life.

9. Don’t think it’s everyone else, when you are the common denominator in every situation.

10. Don’t underestimate anybody.

11. Don’t avoid saying NO. You don’t have to lie, make excuses, or even explain yourself. Simply DECLINE & say NO.

13. Don’t get in your own way. Too many of us are our own worst enemy.

14. Don’t downgrade your dream to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to make your dream a reality.

15. Don’t make it more complicated than it already is or than it needs to be.


Dr. Robbie FurPASTOR-ROBBIE-CADE-FURDGEdge is an inspirational leader, pastor, and life coach. She is a graduate of Alcorn State University and founder of the Sound of a Warrior Prayer Ministry. She is a former principal and educator who is now pursuing her calling as a speaker and author. She has been called “uncut” and “passionate”. Robbie currently serves as the associate pastor of Word of Faith A.W.C. She is married to the phenomenal Dr. Maurice Furdge. She is an associate pastor for Word of Faith A.W.C. in Natchez, Mississippi. She is also a life coach to several NFL Football players. 

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