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If you want something bad enough, they say you need to work hard, sacrifice, and strive to get it. What if you just had to believe?

Maybe you’ve spent years being good enough. Trying to do everything you can to earn God’s love and favor and a spot in heaven by obeying all the rules. How’s that working for you? Have you been perfect yet?

If you are wallowing in disappointment because you still don’t have the marriage you want, the spouse you’ve been praying for, the healing you need, the financial freedom that you desire, or the family that you dream about, maybe it’s time to try something different. Stop.

There’s a short story about a woman in the Bible; that has the answer of how to get what you want from God. I wish it had her name. On second thought, maybe it’s better that way. We can all put our own name in her story.

Jesus was again in a crowd of people. Everyone wanted something from him. Word had gotten out that Jesus could heal people, so whenever He was in town, people sought him out. They had heard the stories, seen the proof, and they wanted some too.

It must have been a huge crowd. Imagine if Justin Bieber was in town. There would be lines for hours, throngs of young girls giddy at the chance to just touch him. Or achieving the ultimate prize, their picture with him and make it their Facebook profile. Just so you know, I’m not comparing Justin Bieber to Jesus; I’m comparing the crowd size and reaction. That’s what I imagine it would be like.

Back to our “woman”; she’s in the crowd and needs Jesus. She’s heard that He can heal people, and this is her last chance. She has spent every penny she has going to doctors to figure out what’s wrong with her and no one has been able to help her. The Bible says she had a blood disorder, and for twelve years had been afflicted with hemorrhages. I imagine she was desperate for it to stop.

So, she sneaks up behind him, bravely reaches out her frail hand, and touches the edge of His robe. At that very moment her hemorrhaging stopped. Jesus said, “Who touched me?”

I imagine it was as if someone tapped his shoulder, and he turned around and didn’t see anyone there. He looked back and forth and must have had that kind of look that said, “I’m not crazy, someone just touched me guys!” Peter told Jesus, this is a huge crowd dozens of people have touched you.” But Jesus insisted and said, “someone touched me. I felt that healing power has gone from Me!”

So “our woman” finally fessed up. She came up to Him trembling and fell down at his feet, saying, “it was me”. I touched you, and was healed immediately!”

Did you catch that? Jesus didn’t even know she was there or what was wrong with her. He didn’t even know He was healing her at that moment. She didn’t beg Him to touch her, or to heal Her. She didn’t have to present to Him this long list of qualifications of all the good things that she had been doing to get His favor and time to receive His healing touch. So why did she get what she wanted?

Jesus said, “Daughter, your faith (your confidence and trust in Me) has made you well, go in peace!” Luke 8:48 AMP

You mean all she had to do was believe? She could have been the worst sinner on the face of the planet. She could have been an promiscuous woman, a liar, a cheater. It didn’t matter. She believed. She was convinced that Jesus could heal her. That’s all it took.

I don’t know about you, but this story is earth shattering for me. I sit in tears thinking of the love of God and the things in life that are possible if I just believed that God would bring them to me.

This story also makes me devastated about all those times I strive to be the perfect Christian woman to earn a blessing from God, and I realize that it’s worthless. That I should instead just seek out Jesus more.

This “woman” is one I strive to be like. I want her level of faith. I want to believe so deeply that Jesus can do the things the Bible says He can do in my life too.

I believe that even though we can’t reach out and physically touch Jesus, that level of healing is still possible. We can reach out to Jesus in so many ways. You can begin by reading His words in the Bible, and talking to Him through your prayers.

My prayer now will be to have “that woman’s” level of faith.

Amanda Carroll is the on-air midday host for KLOVE Radio. KLOVE reaches an estimated 14 million listeners a day with positive and encouraging music. Amanda considers herself a professional mother, as she parents here 3 young children as a single mom. 





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