Volunteers take time from their busy schedules to serve in your ministry, organization, or church, because they are passionate about your cause. They want to see single moms encouraged. They want to see lives changed. They want to feed the homeless or impact a soul for the Kingdom. They want to honor the Lord with their time, talents, and skills. And…shall we point out the obvious? They are doing it for no pay. They are a valuable piece of the single moms’ ministry puzzle and honoring volunteers is single moms’ ministry is critical to your long-term success and volunteer retention.

While most volunteers wouldn’t want any type of recognition for their hard work, faithfulness, and dedication to your single moms’ ministry, it is always important to honor those who are sacrificing their time away from family and friends to see no single mom walk alone.  Below are just a few of many possibilities on creatives ways to honor those special volunteers in your ministry:

Take a volunteer to lunch. It’s such a simply gesture, but so powerful. Taking the time to get to know a volunteer and using personal time, such as your lunch break, to do so, not only let’s them know you appreciate their service, it gives them the gift of your time. It shows them that you see them, value them as a human being, and that their service to the single mothers is appreciated.

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Pray for your volunteers. The best way to honor a volunteer is to stop and pray for their specific needs. Ask them what is going on in their life. Follow up with how their sick mother is doing. Ask them about their neighbor who just had that surgery they mentioned.  Believe God with them that their child will be healed, their finances will improve, or their path will be made clear. Whatever the need, taking that few minutes to pray is worth it.  (Helpful Hint: Use an online calendar to set reminders to do this).

Hold a volunteer banquet in their honor. Banquets don’t have to cost a ton of money. Set up a nice dinner at your home and have family and friends cook a dish. Take a moment to share something special about each honoree about what their service has meant. Make it personal to who they are and the skills they bring to the table. This public affirmation of their service will go miles in retaining them long-term in your ministry.

Write a card or letter. Who takes the time to do this anymore?! What a neat surprise for a volunteer to receive a handwritten note from you telling them how much you appreciate their service.

Give them a social media shout-out. What a simple way to make someone feel valued. Social media can be used for such negativity, but it can also be used for positivity. This includes letting your social media world know that you are honored to partner with “Jan” as she has faithfully served single mothers in the community over the last several weeks, months, and years.

People often gravitate to places where they are celebrated. While none of these suggestions will break the bank or even amount to much of your time, they can go a long way in encouraging your support team to keep on keeping on. Most support groups, ministries, and churches couldn’t survive without the commitment of faithful volunteers. Celebrate and honor your volunteers today.


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