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Our history begins in 1999.

In 1999, Jennifer Maggio, our founder, was an exhausted, young, single mom of two children, who found herself huddled on her bathroom floor, certain that no one could possibly understand the magnitude of her devastation. Financial struggles, parenting challenges, personal failures, and emotional stress culminated into an almost unbearable plight. While on the floor that day, Maggio made a decision that she would not only survive, but learn to thrive. She knew she would one day give back to single mothers. Although the journey was long and hard, riddled with highs and low, she became an 11-time Circle of Excellence award recipient in Corporate America, ultimately achieving financial, emotional, and parental success. She never forgot that moment on the bathroom floor, however, and what it felt like to be parenting alone, with little money and no help.

In January 2007, Maggio left her corporate success behind to give back to the single parent community. She launched a local support group for single mothers through her church to give them a place to network and share resources, while providing education on money management, parenting, and achieving overall health and wellness and 3 single moms attended. The bi-weekly meetings grew more than 1000% in the first year. Through the generosity of that church, Maggio and a team of volunteers, provided free meals and childcare, while teaching useful life skills.

Today, that local support group has grown to be one of the nation’s largest single moms support groups. Its success and growth led to the development of what is today known as The Life of a Single Mom (TLSM), which formalized into a 501c3 in 2010. TLSM has worked to launch more than hundreds and hundreds of support groups in cities globally using that original success model. We serve thousands of single parent families annually.  We have launched national initiatives, including Single Mom University and the National TLSM Single Moms’ Conference, hosted countless workshops and education symposiums, write curriculum to support single mother’s growth and encouragement, provide free exercise classes, fresh produce, and home improvements for single mothers, and so much more. We are the nation’s go-to resource for all things single mom and single mom ministry related.

We believe that no single mom should walk alone and have led a global movement to ensure that doesn’t happen. We are award-winning and fully accredited for our financial transparency by several nonprofit-governing organizations.