The Great Louisiana Flood

A Letter from Our CEO:

It is with a heavy heart that I come to you today. The images of the last 48 hours will be forever etched into my mind. Louisiana, specifically the Greater Baton Rouge area, has suffered immense hardship as we have experienced historic flooding. Many are equating the flooding to that of Hurricane Katrina in the Greater New Orleans area in 2005.  We are devastated.


I am further stunned by the lack of coverage by most national media venues. The widespread devastation is awe-inspiring, as you watch many (more than 7,000) being evacuated from their homes by boat and helicopter.

The Great Flood

On August 14,, at approximately 3:30am, I was awakened by a neighbor who informed me that my neighborhood was flooding. Within minutes, my family loaded into our car and drove away from the home I have lived in for 15 years. I watched, in shock, as the water poured down my street and rose to fill our streets, yards, and ultimately our home. I cannot comprehend the loss of every material possession I have ever owned. And frankly, I have been shocked and speechless for 48 hours.

The Great Flood

I have licked my wounds and wallowed as much as I am able. I am now inspired and encouraged to do something. The Life of a Single Mom Ministries has been positioned by God on the ground level of the biggest natural disaster to hit our state in a decade. There is a reason. We will ensure that single moms do not walk alone. We need all of you to help. If you are reading this and you are in one of the 49 other states we serve, we need you to donate. We need you to be involved in the financial restoration of thousands of single mother families in Greater Baton Rouge. Simply click the button below to begin the donation process. 

You can hear more from through the video above. We will serve those who are hurting and find the displaced single moms to help them.


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