Good Fear by Jennifer Maggio

Healthy fear is a good thing. Sure, it’s important to cast out unhealthy fear. We need to stand strong, be courageous, and take our place in this world. But having great reverence and fear for our strong, Heavenly Father is not only important – it’s wise.

We need to understand who the Lord is. He isn’t our genie in a bottle that we rub when we need a favor. He is the all-knowing, all-powerful Creator of Heaven and Earth. He is the beginning and end. He is the Lover of our Soul. He knew us before we were even formed. He is sovereign. He is vengeful and jealous. He is powerful, mighty, forgiving, and compassionate. He is discerning, living water, inspiring, moving, and hope for the hopeless. He loves us desperately and is full of grace, but His grace isn’t our license to freely sin.

When we hide under the shadow of His wings, trust in His promises, and remain bathed in His perfect love, there’s no room for irrational fear. – Peace and the Single Mom, pg. 35

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