Fundraising for your single moms’ program can be challenging. The financial aspect of any ministry or nonprofit organization can prove to be challenging, but when ministering to the needs of financially-strapped single moms, it can seem almost insurmountable! Single Moms Ministries and programs in churches is also still considered a new concept, as it wasn’t a ministry that may have been needed even two decades ago. This often means that churches have not allocated a budget for such a program. All single moms’ ministries have to be creative in their fundraising efforts, especially since most don’t have the luxury of passing the offering plate on Sundays like most churches do. We hope these tips will give you some new ideas on raising money to further your ministry to single parents in your church or community.  Fundraising can be used for the sustainability of the future of the ministry, individual single mom needs that may be within your ministry, special events you would like to host, such as Christmas Parties or Conferences, or simply to enhance what you are already doing within the ministry.

The Life of a Single Mom Ministries was birthed in our founders’ heart many years ago and there was much waiting and praying before the ministry grew.  Even after the launch of our first single mom’s group, there were no financial resources available to sustain the ministry. Therefore, we had to get really good at fundraising. Here are some creative, easy, and fun ways that can you allow to fund raise for your single moms program.

(Please note: All of these suggestions should be approved by your local church, if you are leading a single moms’ ministry. We do not recommend any fundraising without the blessing and approval by your church leadership team).

  1. Bake sales. The good old-fashioned bake sale is a tried and true way to raise hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. It’s the only time that people

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    will pay $2 for a brownie that’s little more than an inch long! This is also a great way to get the single moms and kids of your group involved, too. Don’t hesitate to get single mothers in your support group involved in the fundraising process!

  2. Garage sales. Your trash, their treasure.  Have a big garage sale at your local church. Enlist the help of the entire church. Have all the single moms to bring items that they are wanting to get rid of. Not only is this a great way to get your single moms involved, it serves a great need in the community of providing low-cost goods to needy families.
  3. Praise & worship nights or concerts. Often, churches have access to amazing singers and worship bands. Host a single moms’ worship night and take up an offering that will all go to single mothers ministry at your church. This is also a great way for you to highlight what you are currently doing in single moms’ ministry, how it is changing lives, and beautiful testimonies of women who have been blessed by the efforts.
  4. Silent auctions online. These are part of the new age of online technology. Online auctions prove to be simple and easy. Simply have local businesses donate goods and services and advertise a week-long (day-long or month-long is fine, too) advertising event on your website or even on a social media page like Facebook. We’ve been able to raise hundreds of dollars via social media silent auctions. There are tons of online companies that help at little to no charge.
  5. Fundraising luncheons and galas. These events bring out people’s generous side. Put together a low-cost dinner or luncheon at your church and sell tickets to the event.
  6. Make donations easy by having a website where donations can be made. Make the process a smooth one. People will give up if it’s too hard to get the money to you. Ensure you’ve thought through the ease-of-process for both those who are technologically and not-so-technologically savvy.
  7. Type up a letter on church letterhead including the tax identification number (if applicable) and ask local businesses to jump on board with your fundraising efforts.  You would be surprised how many businesses are interested in supported single mothers, particularly if there are advertising opportunities, such as a thank you for the stage, social media shout out, or distribution of the company’s flyer at the event. We have not, because we ask not. (Please be certain that you work with the church pastor, secretary, or administration, before proceeding with solicitation efforts).
  8. Sell marketing corporate sponsorships to businesses for your events. Offer packages at different price points that allow businesses to support your ministry, but also receive an advertising bonus, as well.
  9. Have a friendly competition among volunteers. Create a fun Saturday Sales Blitz in your office or home, where volunteers can come volunteer an hour of their time to make phone calls to local businesses and individuals. Give prizes to those who raise the most money. It’s a great team-building activity for an even greater cause!
  10. Host a car wash. Use single moms and their kids! We’ve hosted tons of car washes and they wind up being a great day of laughs and team-building. We also found that a local hardware supply store donated all the materials (buckets, towels, water hoses, etc), and people were very generous!
  11. Walk or Fun Run. While these can be a little more labor intensive, they are often used to raised thousands of dollars and only have to be done one time (or annually).  It’s a great way to get your single moms moving, as an extra bonus.  Corporations will supply food and buy marketing opportunities for such events.
  12. Target single mom-owned businesses for donations. Single moms know how hard the journey is and are sensitive to the needs of their peers. We have found that single mom owned businesses are very generous with silent auction items, gift cards, or even donating services for certain events.
  13. Have a meeting with your pastoral team for future budget considerations. Sometimes, the executive team simply does not know the needs that are presenting themselves within your single moms ministry. Conduct a meeting with decision-makers at your church about including a portion of the church’s budget to be allotted for the needs of the single moms’ ministry.

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