I honestly believe every momma is a superhero, however, I especially believe tucked deep within a single mom’s heart are certain super powers cultivated from a journey that separates her and sets her apart from other mommas.

I believe this.

Maybe you do too if you know what I mean when I speak to the weight of solo parenting. The heaviness of financial burdens, the sleepless nights you labored to soothe sick littles, while working two jobs, going to college and managing your family and home. Or when I speak of all the countless ways you hold your head high and smile even on the days your heart is drenched in the thickness of mounting disappointments.

My sweet goodness, momma, you work double-time to create the effect that everything — is more than ok.

Yes, yes, absolutely yes, for these big reasons and more, I believe single moms are superheroes with powers reaching far beyond what was ever expected.

Precisely composed to sharpen your single mom capabilities are four secret super powers simply waiting to be cultivated and purposefully positioned to ensure you soar. 

  1. Fearless Bravery.  Regardless of individual and life circumstances, decisions will be made. Stepping out into uncertain places is all too often a familiar experience of single motherhood. But my friend, intricately layered within this process of advancement are opportunities to be brave. Many single mom superheroes, especially the ones with capes, are developing into very brave heroes because they simply recognize this superpower as a means to their families success.
  2. Immeasurable Patience. I can’t say enough about the need for patients in both the hard times and mundaneness of single mom life.  Patients with your emotions, the pursuit of dreams and careers, finances, co-parenting, and the transition from one season to another. The discipline of patience is key to growth. In your single momma journey, I would bet this superpower is currently being cultivated in your life.
  3. Unwavering Identity. Here’s the thing, life mishaps, messy relationships, offset of boundaries, and much more keeps too many of us unplugged from who we are. I’ve worked overtime searching this life for solid and reliable. Hands down without a doubt I’ve nestled into Jesus. Truth is, whatever you are anchored into will echo your worth. Let your identity superpower speak to the Truth.
  4. Relentless Pursuit. A perpetual and constant drive. A quest in pursuit of a life that is abundant and rich in contentment. And it’s all up to you. Your choice to make sure this secret power doesn’t get lost and covered up in pacified mediocrity, the distraction of drama, and emotions seeped in paralysis.



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What do you think? Colossal sized words, right?

But here’s the thing…

You momma, up late and working overtime in pursuit of the sweet life, have been blessed with a season filled with opportunities to cultivate strengths with the ability to launch you into very big things!

Richly filled with the messiness of your circumstances and the heated moments of conversations with your little ones, I pray you seek out the wisdom to find each one tucked into your day.

Until next time,



Cassie Rajewich is a life coach to single moms as well as a writer and speaker of the heart. She is the creator of Unconventional Motherhood: Helping Single Moms Master the Mess.

After ten years of mastering her own mess of single motherhood, she ditched the security and comfort of the life she had built, upped and left her residence of Las Vegas and made the move to Southern California where she began a new adventure, blending a family. She now helps other women navigate the sometimes difficult journey of single motherhood through her grace filled approach that develops order and organization within the heart and home.


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