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    I’ve heard it said that you should date your children in order to keep their hearts and grow your relationship with them. Can y’all share some low cost ways this can be done?

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    Oh I love this! My son is now 20 years old and some of our most special memories are when I took him on a “date”. I taught him to do everything that hopefully he would one day do on a date, so things like opening the car door for me, considering getting flowers, how to make conversation at dinner. And then, it was about me, as a mom, getting to know more of his heart, hopes, and dreams, and just giggling together — letting him know how much I cared. I did the same thing with my daughters.

    Low cost options are having a picnic at a local park (or even in the front yard, for that matter), going for a bike ride in the neighborhood, etc. We also have a really cool public library here in town that always offers free or low-cost events, such as locally produced plays or musicians.

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    I like park dates 🙂 Do a little picnic at the park! I know it is good for young kids, I’m not sure about older kids yet! 🙂

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    My son really enjoys going to the park. We have a local skate park geared more towards older kids in our area and he enjoys going there to meet other kids and try out new tricks. I have packed a picnic before and spent the afternoon just hanging together.

    I also, enjoy taking my son with me to do outreach to other single moms. We visit friends in the hospital, a friend battling cancer, a single mom going through a hard time. I usually make a special time after we serve to either go grab something to eat or walk around a park to talk about why we serve and the importance of sharing with others and how he felt after giving. It has proven to be a wonderful learning opportunity and fulfilling time for both of us.

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