I never understood the power of a life verse until I prayed about finding one for the first time.

I was a new Christian at the age of 30 and had left a pretty messy wake behind me. I felt alone, unloved, and was certain that I was cursed to be that way my entire life. I shyly prayed for a verse after hearing about it from a friend, but honestly, I didn’t think God would hear me.

Boy was I wrong. He gave me,

“I will restore the years the locusts have eaten.” Joel 2:25

I cannot tell you how powerful this verse was to a girl who’d been disowned by half of her family, whose marriage was a disaster, and at the age of 30 wasn’t sure there was a single person in her life beyond her children who loved her. She was broken, and convinced to her core that she would always be so.

Looking back on my life at that point, it appeared that locusts had come through and stripped everything bare. It’s what they’re best known for. But with that verse came a promise and a vision:

A promise that God would restore those lost years.

And a vision that what had been taken from me would someday be renewed.

That verse gave me enough to cling to, to push toward the future that God planned for me. Years later, I’m starting to see the fruits of that verse. God is restoring places in me that I thought were untouchable and filling my life with people that give me the love and support I’ve longed for.

So how do you get a life verse and how do you know when you find yours?

  1. Pray for one.God assures us that when we ask for things in His name, He will give them. And since He communicates through His word, and wants to be in a mutual relationship with us, He loves it when we take the first step toward Him.
  2. I was immediately “struck” when I read the verse. You know that thing they do in the movies where something is revealed to the main character and the camera slowly moves toward them as they realize a truth and the rest of the background fades. It seriously was kind of like that. I caught my breath in a way, and then wondered if this was “the one” He meant for me.
  3. You can’t stop thinking about the verse. I asked God for the verse, was “struck” with the verse, then couldn’t stop thinking about the verse. When I asked God if that was the one, He just kept bringing it to mind.
  4. It rang true to what my heart needed to hear the most at the time. God is not small time. He’s not going to give you something that makes you go, “Meh.” He’s going to drop a verse on you that makes you go, “Really? I mean seriously, that’s mine?” It will be something you’ve longed to hear. Something you need desperately at the time. Something that makes you feel known.

If there is ever a time in your life that you need to feel like someone you trust knows you, it’s now. If there’s ever a time that you need God to help you cast a vision for your future, it’s now. Go find His verse for you today.



Laura Polk is a single mom, author, writer, speaker, and friend. She has written for magazines, such as Focus on the Family, Christian Parenting Today, and Crosswalk. She is author of the upcoming release The Single Mom Challenge. She is a graduate of She Speaks and Christian Communicators. For more information, visit www.laurapolk.com.





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