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Interested in becoming a featured expert?

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TLSM Featured Expert Dr. Shelia Truelove

Dr. Shelia Truelove holds a B.S. in Psychology, M.S. in Management, a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD), and an Alabama Professional Educators Teaching Certificate in the area of Collaborative Teaching. She has taught in the field of Special Education over 14 years. Dr. Truelove was honored as Teacher of the Year for Birmingham City Schools (2010) and nominated for a Disney Teacher of the Year award for her work in Special Education. She has served on Special Education Task committees, conducted training for parents and general education teachers, supervised graduate students majoring in Special Education, and created transitional programs for students receiving special education services. Dr. Truelove is a philanthropist at heart and believes in motivating and equipping others to become their very best. Divorced for nine years, Dr. Truelove is the proud mother of 10 year old twin daughters and an 11 year old son. Some of the most notable accomplishments achieved have been as a single mother. When she completed her Doctoral Degree, her twins were 4 years old and her son was 5. When she completed her first published children’s book entitled, “I CAN WIN,” her twins were 8 years old and her son was 9. The one source of her strength is that of God. Her overall mission is to empower other single moms to raise God-fearing, hope filled, and prosperous children in spite of any challenges faced. For more information, visit

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Dana Che Williams

Dana Che is an inspirational speaker, author, blogger, relationship coach, and host of the online talk show – Real Relationship Talk. Dana is passionate about seeing people walk in relational wholeness. Over the last 10 years, Dana has journeyed with all types of moms as a mentor and coach. As a speaker, she has served audiences both large and small at women’s conferences, business events, schools, churches, moms’ groups, and youth conferences, sharing her story as a former teen mom, as well as building authentic relationships, purposeful parenting, finding purpose in pain, and more.

Dana holds a B.A. in communication from Regent University. She shares her life with her husband and high school sweetheart, Shaun, their four amazing children, and their “multi-cultural” dog in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA. For more information or to follow Dana’s blog, visit For more information or to book Dana to speak at your next event, visit

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TLSM Featured Expert Chuck Bentley

Chuck Bentley is CEO of Crown Financial Ministries, the largest Christian financial ministry in the world, founded by the late Larry Burkett. He is the host of a daily radio broadcast, My MoneyLife, featured on more than 1,000 Christian Music and Talk stations in the U.S., and author of his most recent book, Money Problems, Marriage Solutions. Be sure to follow Crown on Facebook at Crown Financial Ministries and check out the website at

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TLSM Featured Expert Jenn Buell

Jenn Buell has been a working mom, an at-home mom, a mom to babies and to big kids, a special needs married mom and now a widowed single mom. She loves encouraging moms to find brave faith and spunky joy to handle whatever life throws at them and their kids. She lives in South Dakota with kids at home and in college. She’s a speaker, writer, and host of the “Right There With You” podcast where she shares her heart and lets moms know that they are not alone. Get connected with Jenn on Facebook at Jenn Buell, Instagram (jenn_buell), or at

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TLSM Featured Expert Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith is a Panamanian-American, single mother, workforce development specialist, published author of Game On! Relentlessly Pursue Your Dreams, dancer, and motivational speaker. She attended Oral Roberts University on a Division I full-ride track scholarship. After graduating, she founded Step It Up! Inc., a non-profit dance organization. Her experience in sports and entertainment, radio, TV and the performing arts has spanned nearly 20 years, covering the Chicago, Houston and Miami markets. She has danced and cheered for four Professional and Semi-Professional sports teams, has prepared more than 500 interns to enter the workforce and has inspired crowds upwards of 2000. In March of 2019 she was listed as one of WLRN’s “Local Women Who Inspire You” and in November 2019 she was selected as one of Legacy Miami’s MOST PROMINENT AND INFLUENTIAL BLACK WOMEN IN BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY OF 2019 and has recently becoming a contributing writer for The Life of a Single Mom. She is the founder of Game Day Prep 365, designed to aid people along their journey to seeing their dreams come to fruition. Connect at and on Facebook at Gamedayprep365.

Nicole’s Articles:

TLSM Featured Expert Nicolette Alger

Nicolette Alger has a Masters degree in Family Financial Planning, but beyond her formal education and training, she has her own personal story of financial hardship, and a journey of learning, progression and mastery. Her studies began in early adulthood when she was a newlywed and hoping to start a family. Realizing she knew very little about how to apply practical principles in finance, she began a self-study journey which led her to discover her passion for all things finance. But it wasn’t necessarily money she was after, rather personal freedom, choices, opportunities and the ability to help others. Money brings these opportunities.

The more she studied, the more she realized a formal education in finance would be beneficial. She graduated with her Masters in Family Financial Planning in December of 2015. After graduating, she worked as a financial coach for three years with Mvelopes. Recently, she launched her own financial coaching business to provide faith-based coaching in finances to women and families. You can find her blog and services at

As a mom of four little girls, Nicolette’s passion is educating and coaching women to take control of their finances, so they can be good stewards of their resources, and create freedom and opportunities for themselves and their families.

Nicolette’s Articles:

TLSM Featured Expert Patti Burris

Patti Burris has spent the last 19 years raising 5 children to adulthood. She has survived the ups, downs, chaos and messiness that comes with being a single mom. At some point, she started to see what life could be like beyond the kids screaming at each other, the bills that didn’t get paid, the cars breaking down, and the confrontations with the ex. She started to have hope in the future. She started to have hope, when she put Jesus at the center of her life and her family.

Patti has had a heart for the single mom for many years. She loves to use her experiences as a single mom to minister to other single moms. She lives by faith and in her own imperfect way, she is teaching other single moms to do the same. Her greatest joy is when other single moms find that hope that can only be found in Jesus. She is a certified Biblical lay counselor and a certified Christian life coach. She is the author of God Is: A Seven Week Bible Study For Single Moms. Patti lives in Valdosta, Georgia with her daughter, Kiowa. You can find Patti at