Today I want to talk to all the single mothers who are dealing with the fact that your child’s father either does not actively participate in your child’s life or is absent from your child’s life.  Although both situations can be difficult, I want to encourage you that neither is hopeless.  So how do you deal with the fatherless factor?  How can you help your child deal with the fact that their father is not in their lives? 


Keep a positive perspective.  Know and help your child recognize that although his/her biological father may not be active in their life that they do have a spiritual Father in the Lord.  Now girls, I am not trying to be overly spiritual or down-play the importance of a child having a relationship with their father.  As a former single mom of 16 years, I know all too well the emotional pain a child can go through when their father is not around.  The fatherless factor is a real situation that our children go through.  However, the truth is that, regardless of the status of your child’s relationship with their father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth cares for them.  When the emotions come do your best to keep a positive perspective and remind your child of the unfailing love of their Heavenly Father. 


Acknowledge emotions.  Children dealing with an absent parent can experience a vast array of emotions.  Be sure that when your child displays emotions that you adequately acknowledge how your child is feeling.  Talk to them about what they are feeling.  If they do not feel comfortable talking to you ask if they have someone in their life they feel comfortable talking with.  If they do not have such a person perhaps consider taking them to talk to someone.  This could be a pastor at your church or a licensed counselor. 


Pray.  Do not underestimate the power of a praying Momma!  Prayer is a powerful tool the Lord has given to each of us.  Unfortunately, sometimes it is an underutilized weapon in our arsenal.  James 4 tells us we have not because we ask not.  Pray big prayers.  Pray for God to heal your child’s hurting heart.  Pray for God to turn the heart of your child’s father.  Commit to praying regularly and see what happens. 


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