Homeschooling as a single parent has is challenges. One of the biggest can happen when your ex does not approve of or support your decision to home educate.  It can be a shock that a man that was completely for homeschooling and involved with the children can suddenly change his mind when the marriage is over. It can also be a challenge when he doesn’t see a value in homeschooling or feels like you are trying to work the system and not do your part financially for your children.

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If you are in a position where your ex is not on board with homeschooling here’s some encouragement:

  1. See if you can pinpoint the real reason that he isn’t on board. There may be something else that he doesn’t like and homeschooling is simply the thing that he can attack.
  2. Show him the benefits of homeschooling. Keep him involved in what the children are learning. Share their progress with him. Let him see how they are excelling and growing.  If he is willing, let him do some of the teaching.
  3. Find a way to compromise. If he has some serious and relevant concerns address them. Come up with a plan you can both live with and set a time to evaluate any progress

There will be many difficult decisions as you co-parent your children, educating them doesn’t have to be one of them.  It may take some patience on your part and understanding on your co-parent’s part but agreement can be found.  I have also found, while working through things, that educating the children has been great at paving the way for other conversations about parenting choices.


Latoya-EdwardsLatoya Edwards is a single mom to two boys. She writes about her adventures as a homeschooling single mom of boys. She is a daughter of the King who takes great joy in encouraging others with her journey. She is a writer for Moms Together, Busy Moms, Mothering from Scratch and countless others. For more information,



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