Has anyone told you lately that single motherhood is hard?  You actually don’t need to hear or read about it because YOU are in the trenches and understand all too well the challenges of raising children alone. I’m telling you, it’s not for weaklings. Single mothers are the strongest women I know! They’re fighters, wisdom seekers, and heroes on every level.

Yet, often as single moms, we just need a good ol’ booster shot of encouragement and someone coming alongside reminding us of ways to enforce the victory.

Finding You Again Devotional

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Here are four ideas. I’m praying they’ll recharge your battery for the wondrous journey.

  1. We can enforce our victory by taking hold of the truth.  2 Kings 6 tells a story of Elisha and how the monks had the victory right at their fingertips. All they had to do was reach out and take it.  We can remain “stuck in the muck,” bound together in lies about our identity and God’s love for us, or we can activate our Kingdom status and live as conquerors – overcomers.
  2. We can enforce our conquest by fighting the battle.  I know we sometimes get tired of “fighting” everything – getting the kids to school and continually doing the laundry and more… but we can’t turn our backs on the spiritual battles we face (for example, lack of belief that God is still good).  We can’t take a spiritual nap while the enemy’s at work in our camp – Amen?  I love the Greek word for overcomer. It means to carry off the victory.  We triumph in Christ.
  3. We can enforce our success by embracing season mentality.  Every season is useful in God’s bigger plan. They carry with them lessons to be learned.  One of the greatest lessons I learned in my fourth year of being a single mother was this that God’s peace doesn’t look like my peace.  His peace is not one that’s free from difficulty, but one that stands out BEST against the backdrop of hardship.  His peace grants deliverance, not from our troubles but in our troubles. Oh, praise the Lord!
  4. We can enforce our victory by anticipating the outcome.  Often we get so caught up in the “here and now” that we forget the “there and later.”  God is at work in the culmination of our eternity.  And He promises great reward for the overcomer.  Jesus warned that holding fast to Him as an overcomer would not be easy. Yet in Him, we we’re guaranteed the enablement to endure to the end where His rewards will make it all worthwhile. Hallelujah!

So press on, friend. Being a single mom often feels more like a battleground than a playground, but you can do it!

Pam-KanalyPam Kanaly, popular author of The Single Mom and Her Rollercoaster Emotions and nominated by the Governor of Oklahoma for “Mother of Achievement Award – 2015 ” – remains one of America’s leading advocates for single mothers. As founder of the single mothers’ conferences – Survive ‘N’ Thrive, Pam exudes with a God-given passion in seeing single moms know their value in Christ. She is the co-founder of the national organization Arise Ministries, having co-hosted her own national television talk show and having been featured on the 700 Club and other programs. For more info, visit www.ariseministries.net.


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