Life is full of transitions, some we see coming; like children growing and moving out of the house. Some transitions take us by surprise, sickness, a sudden job change, or other crisis; but transition will come. The question is; how will we handle them? Will we look with confidence to the future?  If we keep our eyes on the Unchangeable One who sees our end from the beginning, our seasons of change can bring forth a great display of beauty. Our days are written in His book and there are no surprises for God.  If we are watchful and ask, He will show us milestones and victories through the transitional seasons of life. He will see us through the seasons of life because He is faithful.

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Today was such a milestone for me. I entered the department store to kill time. I had no intention of making a purchase, but as I strolled through the aisle my eye caught a sale on flannel PJ’s.  Now as a mom, my FIRST thought when I spied the pj’s on sale, was “Christmas present for my daughter”.  Pajama bottoms are a staple Christmas gift for my oldest.  Then it struck me, what about ME; after all my pj’s are hand-me-downs I have had for over 5 years.  I found a festive pair that made me feel happy and restful, made my purchase and was off.

As I drove out of the parking lot, I realized I had indeed hit a milestone. I had taken a moment to consider ME.  For the last 30 years I have been raising children. Sixteen of those years were as a single mother. All of my thoughts, energy, emotions and finances have gone for their well-being. My children have been my focus. Don’t get me wrong, I have had friends, fun, time away from the kids…but I have been 24/7 mom even when somewhere else or with someone else.

It seemed rather odd to be able to think about myself first. It has been a rather difficult transition as I have learned to cook for one, go to bed at a decent hour; not waiting for a child to get home from work or play to say good-night. I have had to learn how to navigate my heart and life through the quiet spaces of our home.  I am still learning.  Some days it is rather enjoyable, others it is too quiet and I have to venture out, call a friend, cry a bit, or just watch a movie.

But, I as I look to the future I too can smile. I can smile because I see HIM in my future, and I see my future through HIM. When loneliness or anxiety try to steal my joy in this season of change, I remember past seasons and see the display of His faithfulness written all over the pages of my life.

He is writing His name over the pages of your life; what milestones have you discovered in this season of life?


Misty Honnold is the founder of The Single Mom KC. A single mother of four, her greatest life work has been loving and leading her family well. Misty is sought out for discipleship, advice, and inspiration regarding single parents. She founded Mountain of Myrrh in 2009 to professionally assist single mothers and their surrounding communities. Since that time, she has traveled domestically and internationally to train, teach, and equip churches and communities to love and aide single mothers. She has been featured in Overwhelmed: The Single Moms Magazine and hosts Mocha Moments for Single Moms. She is a member and writer for 1 Corinthians Parenting and has also hosted KLOVE Radio’s Single Parents events with over 600 single moms. For more info, visit


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