Dear Mothers:

“Mothers and their children are in a category all on their own. There’s no bond so strong in the entire world. No love so instantaneous and forgiving.”

-Gail Tsukiyama, Dreaming Water

If you ask any mother what is most important to her, she will respond with absolute conviction: “my children.” Where would our children be without their mothers? For most of us, we are the foundation of our households. We are made to push through obstacles without breaking down while continuously trying to make the breakthrough. We are fearless and bold. We are the lifelong cheerleaders. We are made to be strong and build our children with an aptitude for success and without limitations. We are nurturers and heroes. Regardless of what happens in our own lives, we always persevere and move forward. When we are sick, we simply medicate ourselves with no complaint to others. If we have moments of fear or weakness, we go to an area where no one sees us. In that spot, we let out a big sigh, have a cry, stand up, and push through despite never knowing what lies ahead. When our hearts break, and we are engulfed with pain, the only person that truly knows what we are going through is God. Being a mother is the greatest job in the world, but it is also an endless job. Despite all of this, mothers are not perfect.

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While mothers inspire dreams and possibilities, there are wounds and misfortunes along the way. No one ever told mothers that such wounds and misfortunes would leave crushed inside suffering massive amounts of pain. No matter the pain, mothers will endure it because of the immense love for our children. Mothers are educators, disciplinarians, confidantes, and best friends to their beloved children. When the unexpected happens, our painful heartbreak runs deeper than any abyss of darkest oceans. The pain of our children will always overshadow the pain of our own past.

As mothers, our duty is to not only hear our children, but to listen to them. There will be things we are excited to hear and we celebrate. Unfortunately, there are also things that will bring us to our knees with a sorrowful reality intimidating our souls. Repeatedly, there will be times we must mute our voices even when we have so much to say so we may listen to our children. Our children need to have a voice and, as mothers, we know this is a necessary part of their growth. As much as we try to prevent any pain from harming our children, we are also aware that there will be times we cannot prevent such sorrow. During those times, we must stand firm that God will fix all unimaginable events … even if we do not bring them to him.

Mothers give life to their children with a love so beautiful there is no scholar that can define it. Mothers can also chip away life with their own thoughts, actions, and ever-changing experiences. In our life shattering moments, we cry rivers. Some of us have been raped, beaten, and brutally broken; yet, we rise. We usually stand in silence, because that is what we are taught.

Mothers are amazing women who love so unconditionally.




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Tosha Smith Mills is a courageous 40-something-year-old (not going to tell her actual age) with almost any life experience that any adult could experience. She is a serial entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience as CEO of The Talent Connexion, LLC, a successful talent agency in New Orleans, who has placed talent in an extensive list of Hollywood accredited films, television shows, and commercials; Tosha also has over eighteen years of experience in the legal field. Through this, she has discovered her passion in writing and is fulfilled by sharing her testimonies, empowering those in need, and helping others find their life’s purpose.



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