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Take the “ugh” out of Goal Setting by Nicole Smith

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Take the “ugh” out of Goal Setting this year. Game on.   It’s a new year. People everywhere are making New Year’s resolutions and some of them have already fallen short… ugh, but why? We often make our goals so big that we end up overwhelming ourselves and then they quickly take a back seat [...]

Single Mom, Your Physical Health Matters!

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Single Mom Your Health Matters! The Life of a Single Mom Ministries exists to see that no single mom walks alone. We spend literally hundreds of hours each year planning and strategizing how that can happen. We believe that walking together in single mother support groups and receiving valuable education within those support groups can [...]

What I learned About God the Father from Being a Mother By Dana Che

2019-10-28T15:32:18-05:00November 25th, 2019|Dana Che Williams, Help For Single Moms, Single Mom Solace, the life of a single mom ministries, Uncategorized|

For as long as I could remember, I’ve always loved God. I was raised by only my mother for several years of my life, and I was taught about the attributes of God in church and at home: He is good, holy, righteous, sovereign, and the Everlasting Father. I’d also heard that he was kind, [...]

Impact a Single Mom. Impact Her Child. Impact a Nation.

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  DONATE TO MAKE AN IMPACT Click HERE to donate! Your generous sacrifice makes an impact in the life of a single mom. Donate to make an impact today! When you give, more single mom support groups are launched. More opportunities open for single moms to receive parenting, financial, emotional, and spiritual education, and more [...]

Conference Will Take Place in Pensacola This Weekend

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The Life of a Single Mom Conference Will Take Place in Pensacola This Weekend Baton Rouge, Louisiana - 10:00am CST.  Please be advised that after careful consideration, The Life of a Single Mom has decided to continue with our Single Moms’ Conference this weekend, being held on Saturday, July 13, 2019 at Olive Baptist Church.  [...]

7 Hours Left to Join the 2019 TLSM Ambassador Program!

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The Life of a Single Mom is a national nonprofit focused on ensuring no single mom walks alone. We achieve this mission by offering a number of programs, including launching support groups in churches & communities throughout the United States (and beyond), hosting national conferences for single mothers, providing more than 100 life skills classes [...]