Kenya S. Ulmer

The Life of a Single Mom featured expert Kenta Ulmeo shares with single moms how taking a leap when God is doing a new thing is important and more!

All In by Kenya Ulmer

2019-09-17T13:15:39-05:00September 10th, 2018|Help For Single Moms, Kenya S. Ulmer|

Now that you and God have a two-way communication thing going on, and He has revealed your purpose, it’s time for action. It can appear in a variety of different way, but the key is that you are all in. What does action look like for you? It could be putting on the workshop, joining [...]

The Conversation by Kenya Ulmer

2019-09-19T07:35:05-05:00June 18th, 2018|Help For Single Moms, Kenya S. Ulmer|

If you read my last article for The Life of a Single Mom, you’re excited about The Holy Ghost carpet ride, aren’t you?! You’re in a whole new world of putting God first and dreaming again, now what? I’m glad you asked! You, my dear, have been called to greatness. You have purpose, an assignment—a [...]