5 Reasons Your Church Should Have a Single Moms Program by Jennifer Maggio

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With approximately 15 million single parents in the United States alone and the numbers growing daily, it is imperative that every church across our great nation have a thriving single mothers ministry.  67% of all single mothers do not actively attend a local church (The Church and the Single Mom, Carepoint 2011). And whether you [...]

The Life of a Single Mom CEO Featured in The New York Times

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Help For Single Moms: Jennifer Barnes Maggio Of ‘The Life Of A Single Mom Ministries’ Offers Resources Maggio, recently featured in a New York Times article, believes that connecting single mothers with church support groups can be the catalyst to helping single moms realize their life goals and start down the path [...]

5 Parenting Do’s

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The 5 Simple "Do's" of Parenting: 1. Have fun with your kids. Get crazy. Relax. Giggle. Enjoy time together. If you are such a rigid, unyielding, disciplinarian, your kids probably hate to see you coming! Enjoy your kiddos. 2. Mean what you say. Don't be fickle. Kids crave stability. Give it to them. If they know [...]

Sex and the Single Mom by Jennifer Maggio

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Yep, I’m going there. There’s no sense in pretending the subject does not exist, so… buckle up. I recently came across a website that INFURIATED me. In fact, that is probably a serious understatement. Since my life’s passion is single moms, I am always researching single parent topics. I happened upon an article regarding sex and singles. I would not dare [...]