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At The Life of a Single Mom, we work to provide resources and help for single moms in the key areas that we have found they can struggle in: parenting, finances, and health & wellness. We have taken the time to write numerous articles to inspire and encourage single moms across the nation. We have also built connections with national speakers and authors who have committed to helping us ensure that no single mom walks alone. If you are a single mom looking for encouragement, check out our archives below!

Fatherless Factor by Julie Boudreaux

2019-09-17T12:30:44-05:00July 15th, 2019|Help For Single Moms|

Today I want to talk to all the single mothers who are dealing with the fact that your child’s father either does not actively participate in your child’s life or is absent from your child’s life.  Although both situations can be difficult, I want to encourage you that neither is hopeless.  So how do you deal [...]

When He’s Moved On by Shaylah Coogan

2019-09-11T12:18:06-05:00July 8th, 2019|Help For Single Moms|

From across the gym, I watched him walk in with her. Hand in hand and all smiles, he pointed out our 3-year-old son on the basketball court. I began to feel sick as he then pointed at our 2-year-old daughter and me. I felt tense as irrational thoughts began to move through my veins. How [...]

The Life of a Single Mom Selected to Join Stand Together Foundation’s National Anti-Poverty Network

2019-09-17T12:33:14-05:00June 27th, 2019|Help For Ministry Leaders, Help For Single Moms, Jennifer Maggio|

Jennifer Maggio, Chief Executive Officer of The Life of a Single Mom, in Baton Rouge joins a national community of more than 150 social entrepreneur-led organizations in launch of ninth Catalyst Program cohort. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, June 27, 2019 – The Life of a Single Mom is proud to announce its Chief Executive Officer, Jennifer [...]

Join the TLSM Family! View Our Current Job Openings

2019-06-25T11:33:29-05:00June 25th, 2019|Help For Ministry Leaders, Help For Single Moms, the life of a single mom ministries|

The Life of a Single Mom is a national, faith-based, nonprofit that exists to see that no single mom walks alone. Over the last decade, the organization has served more than 200,000 women and children and worked with 1,500 churches and community groups to establish single mother's groups in varying communities.  Over the last 24 [...]

7 Myths Single Moms Believe Regarding Homeownership and How to Overcome Each by Jeff Maggio

2019-09-17T12:35:50-05:00May 22nd, 2019|Help For Single Moms, Jeff Maggio|

We are just going to dive right in as we discuss the myths about homeownership and how to overcome each.Do you automatically dismiss the thought of owning your dream home? The truth is homeownership is not that far off! According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are approximately 15 million single mothers in the United [...]