Blended Families by Christy Johnson

2016-10-17T16:11:01+00:00November 30th, 2015|Christy Johnson|

Strolling the aisles of a home décor mall, I spotted a faded turquoise sign hanging on the wall in one of the booths. A trellis of cream flowers provided the perfect accent color for my kitchen. I knew exactly where I’d put it and as long as the price was right, it was going in my [...]

The Truth about Red Flags By Christy Johnson

2016-10-17T16:11:09+00:00September 14th, 2015|Christy Johnson|

Have you ever missed a red flag in a new relationship? Gotten emotionally connected and everything seems great? Given your heart away and then all of a sudden. BAM. Out of nowhere, you see issues surface that you never saw coming. I have a theory for why we often miss the red flags. It’s called [...]

Sex is Not Just About Sex By Christy Johnson

2016-10-17T16:11:28+00:00April 6th, 2015|Christy Johnson|

Growing up I always thought sex was a big no-no. An image of a giant shaking finger with a scolding voice danced in my head. “You shouldn’t do that!” “Good girls wait!” I maintained the mindset that God wanted to keep something from me and although I wanted to please Him, my good intentions were [...]

Love is on Your Horizon By Christy Johnson

2016-10-17T16:11:43+00:00January 19th, 2015|Christy Johnson|

Love is on Your Horizon I grew up watching the Love Boat. Ok…so, right now, I know I’m dating myself a bit, so let me just take care of that first. I’m forever 21 x 2.57. Or in layman’s terms….old. At least old to most of you reading this. You can do the math. Or [...]