Christy Johnson

As a single mom, the burning question is always when to start dating and HOW do you even go about doing it?! You worry about when the right time is to introduce him to your children and what that dynamic would be. There are so many variables. We have featured expert, Christy Johnson, bringing you some truth. From noticing the red flags to understanding what love is, Johnson does not leave you hanging. Check out her articles below!

Sex is Not Just About Sex By Christy Johnson

2019-10-23T11:12:15-05:00April 6th, 2015|Christy Johnson|

Growing up I always thought sex was a big no-no. An image of a giant shaking finger with a scolding voice danced in my head. “You shouldn’t do that!” “Good girls wait!” I maintained the mindset that God wanted to keep something from me and although I wanted to please Him, my good intentions were [...]

Love is on Your Horizon By Christy Johnson

2019-10-30T12:03:19-05:00January 19th, 2015|Christy Johnson|

Love is on Your Horizon I grew up watching the Love Boat. Ok…so, right now, I know I’m dating myself a bit, so let me just take care of that first. I’m forever 21 x 2.57. Or in layman’s terms….old. At least old to most of you reading this. You can do the math. Or [...]