MARGINS OF GRACE by Carol Floch McColl

2016-12-01T17:07:09+00:00December 12th, 2016|Carol Flock McColl|

The holidays are upon us. Just thinking about the holiday treadmill ramping up speed is enough to trigger the voltage meter of stress and anxiety, presenting the looming threat of OVERLOAD in every category: emotions; the budget; the calendar; the expectations of others; time demands. It’s tempting to run and hide from all of it! [...]

Parenting on Purpose by Carol McColl

2016-10-17T16:10:54+00:00February 15th, 2016|Carol Flock McColl|

Many people embark on the daunting task of parenting without considering this fundamental question:  What is your goal in parenting? I’ve heard a variety of answers to this question; they all seem to boil down to one ultimate answer: to raise children to become “responsible” adults. Think of “responsible” as “response-able”-- “able to respond well” [...]