Are you an overwhelmed, worn out, stressed out single mom? Do you sometimes feel that no one could possibly understand how difficult your journey is? Then, this is a great resource to add to your library:


Overwhelmed: The Life of a Single Mom begins as a page-turning drama following the life of one single mom who became a homeless teen mom at only 17. As the tale unfolds, personal tragedies of death, abuse, molestation, and poverty riddle the life of this single mom. Financial woes, parenting struggles, and emotional devastation only scratch the surface of this roller coaster of events that take place over the next several years.

Ultimately, the mom finds herself a successful executive in Corporate America who lays out with great transparency her personal failures, mistakes, and her journey to find freedom in Christ.

The book contains a 12-part Bible study and journal ideal for any individual or group study, covering such topics as Parenting Well Alone, Overcoming the Victim Mentality, Managing Money, Freedom in Christ and much more. The book is currently being taught in churches around the globe.

Jennifer Maggio

Jennifer Maggio is an award-winning author and speaker who travels the country sharing her personal story of homelessness, abuse, and teen pregnancy. She is founder of the global nonprofit, The Life of a Single Mom, and has appeared on countless radio and television programs. For more information, visit