You thought no one could see that inner thing that rears its ugly head every time you think you are suppressing, covering, or hiding it. But trust me, it shows. Sometimes, it shines brighter than your smile, speaks louder than your cheers.  It’s displayed bigger than your accomplishments & it’s called dysfunction, because it makes you dysfunctional – causes you to make irrational decisions, causes you to hurt others, destroy valuable relationships.

You think that no one sees that jealousy, hatred, and bitterness, but it shows up and makes a scene every time someone else prospers or gets blessed.

You think no one sees that unforgiveness & grudge that you are holding, but the right conversation tends to always bring it out.

You think no one sees your need for validation, insecurities, or need for attention, but your words tend to point it out. Sometimes, you even act it out.

You think no one sees your judgmental spirit & critical nature. Yet, it shows up every time someone else falters or makes a mistake.

You think no one sees your frustrations & anger issues, yet your actions take it out on other people & often the wrong people!

Truthfully, we all may have a little dysfunction in our lives. It could be from hurt or disappointment. They why doesn’t matter anymore. Now, it’s time for you to move on. Get your healing. Find your wholeness. Embrace your freedom.

Deal with your dysfunction, the matters of your heart & your iniquities, so that you can stand like Jesus & say, When the wicked one comes, he won’t find anything in me. Because the devil works based on what he can find in you that gives him room to create a situation that tends to bring out of you, what’s in you.

Don’t let your dysfunction ruin your life, end valuable relationships, and destroy perfect moments & opportunities. Be honest with yourself. Ask God to help you deal with it. He can. He will.

Dr. Robbie FurRobbie Furdgedge is an inspirational leader, pastor, and life coach. She is a graduate of Alcorn State University and founder of the Sound of a Warrior Prayer Ministry. She is a former principal and educator who is now pursuing her calling as a speaker and author. She has been called “uncut” and “passionate”. Robbie currently serves as the associate pastor of Word of Faith A.W.C. She is married to the phenomenal Dr. Maurice Furdge. She is an associate pastor for Word of Faith A.W.C. in Natchez, Mississippi. She is also a life coach to several NFL Football players. 


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