With the holidays behind us, it’s a good time to press pause and consider the year ahead. As a single mother, there were MANY years when I just couldn’t think beyond the here and now. When someone mentioned ‘what are your goals for the future’, I would inwardly tremble. Just this week I sat in a room with over 50 single men and women who shared their New Year’s Resolution. Over ¾ of the group said, “I don’t have any…I don’t make plans for the future: it sets me up for failure. I can’t get past today”. I remembered those years and those emotions; and I also remembered that being in that place can lead to complacency and hopelessness. We are created to have a HOPE-FULL future.

It doesn’t matter if we have been a single mother 1 year or 100 years; without a vision the people perish. I truly believe that most of us have a vision for the future. Even as I look back on those days of seemingly visionless existence, I did have a vision for the future. My vision was to create a home for my children, to develop a hearing ear in the hearts of my children-that they would know the voice of the Father, to train my children in the way they would go so that when they grew older they would not depart from the truth, and it was that vision that got me out of bed in the morning, empowered me to take a position in children’s ministry. It was that vision for my children that pressed me into my own healing journey, learning boundaries, and intimacy with Jesus.

As my last child moved out of the house I found myself at the end of an era and once again without vision. This time I was more equipped with wisdom and life experience and was able to see how the enemy would want to steal the future God had ordained for me by allowing myself to slip into oblivion and a hopeless future.

As I listened to a 75 year old woman who had moved out of a lifetime of being in ministry into the marketplace where she now owned a subdivision and was coaching other business people (all at the age of 70)…something in me stirred. I guess it was the Lord in me waking up my soul to HOPE.

  • I realized that I know so much more now than I did when I was 30 and even 40.
  • I realized I was no longer in the ‘child rearing stage of life’ and had a new resource called time.
  • I realized the things that so easily entangled me as a younger woman (what others thought of me) no longer mattered
  • I realized I had a GOOD 30 years left to make a difference in the lives of others and I had a level of wisdom because of life experience that I didn’t have before.

I began to be excited about the future and as I have shared with other women in their 30’s and 40’s I realize that excitement is contagious. Already I was having impact just by having a hope for the future myself.

HOPE is contagious. Vision is exciting.

So whether your children are still in the home with you or have moved on to make their mark in the world…YOU HAVE IMPACT. Your life makes a difference, and you can be a world changer by looking to the future with hope.

Proverbs 31:25 says, “Strength and dignity are her clothing; SHE SMILES AT THE FUTURE”.  Ask the Lord to give you that smile, and to clothe you with strength and dignity. Think about what you bring to the table…maybe it’s time, maybe it’s wisdom from life experience, maybe it’s freedom from past mindsets or experiences, maybe it’s increased financial resources.

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God has equipped us for EVERY GOOD WORK (2 Timothy 3:17) Go find the Good Work God has given you to do and make a difference in the lives of those around you.


Misty Honnold

Misty Honnold is the founder of The Single Mom KC. A single mother of four, her greatest life work has been loving and leading her family well. Misty is sought out for discipleship, advice, and inspiration regarding single parents. She founded Mountain of Myrrh in 2009 to professionally assist single mothers and their surrounding communities. Since that time, she has traveled domestically and internationally to train, teach, and equip churches and communities to love and aide single mothers. She has been featured in Overwhelmed: The Single Moms Magazine and hosts Mocha Moments for Single Moms. She is a member and writer for 1 Corinthians Parenting and has also hosted KLOVE Radio’s Single Parents events with over 600 single moms. For more info, visit thesinglemomkc.org.

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