You were never created to do life alone. We were created for fellowship and relationship. We need each other. We need fellowship. We cannot isolate and think that Satan won’t use that opportunity to manipulate our thinking. (Remember what Peter said in Matthew 17:4?) Depression is even more likely when we don’t gather.

Peace and the single mom

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You have to know that there are others just like you. The more we gather with people who have experienced similar things, and not only survived it, but are now thriving, the more hope we have. There are days when the weight of the world can cripple us. We are certain our things-to-do list will kill us. We are convinced that parenting that teenager (or that toddler) is way too hard. That’s when we need to have the support that our church family offers.

Loneliness makes you vulnerable to future sin. When you are lonely, depressed, and doubting God’s presence in your life, unhealthy relationships and compromise can oftentimes enter. Satan approaches when you are at your weakest. Hebrews 10:25 encourages us not to forsake the gathering together of God’s people. God’s word also says that he “places the lonely in families.” (Ps. 68:6) For many, that is our church family!

]Maybe the church folks can help you! Many times when sharing my own testimony, I share about the most broken time in my life, and how, after shedding many tears and fighting my own fears, I decided I would go back to church, “because life couldn’t get much worse and maybe the church folks would help me……” That’s where some of you are. You need help. You need encouragement. You need direction on where the best babysitters are, where the best resources are! You need the church.

The joy of the Lord is your strength. It is your only strength. Weekly worship attendance takes the focus off our own problems and directs our attention to the very goodness of God. We ALL need that type of refreshing!

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