I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “You are in a transition.” To be honest, I’m ready to chuck it and arrive.

When someone says “You are in transition” there is an undertone of “This too will end” or “At some point you’ll settle down and be normal.” I think when others see what I’ve had to go through they want the best for me. They want the trials to stop. They want me to see the arrival of the things God promised.

Good Company

Joseph had a few transitions – His brothers sold him to a people he didn’t know, became a slave and was put away in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Only to then lead the entire nation’s survival!

Moses transitioned from being a prince to a murderer. He hid away for 40 years as a shepherd. Only to then lead an entire nation to freedom!

David was a simple shepherd too until his transition led him to overcome an enormous enemy, become famous, become hated by the leader of the land and run for years to save his life. Only then to lead a nation as a man after God’s own heart. .

No transition is the same. The process isn’t often pretty or party central. But the transition process does one really important thing: It changes the person into who God created them to be in the first place. The transition was necessary to prepare for the destiny. In many cases, it was for the sake of a nation!

Transitioning Well

1 Keep details to yourself. How you end is where you start. If you end well then it’s like a step up. The next position you are in sets you up for the next step. If you end badly, you take a step backwards and it takes longer to get to the place God wants you to arrive. Practically speaking it looks like not speaking a negative word about those that God used to transition you to the next place. And if you really want to be an overachiever and transition well, bless them publicly and in prayer.

2 Journal your process. You may need to write out your feelings like David or find a professional counselor to talk to. Often friends are good to help you through the process of transition. But be careful about which friends help you through the transition. They may be people that don’t get to go with you to the next place. Often those in our last place can’t go with us to the next place. Just look at the lives of Joseph, Moses, Paul and others who didn’t have anything in common with their old lives. (That’s a free tip from me learning it the hard way.)

3 Make Jesus your best friend. The things you will learn in transition will come from whatever source you spend the most time with. Let God speak to your pain, disappointment, hurt, confusion or even joy. If you want to see the purpose in your transition you need to see like He sees. Get His perspective and it will give you peace in the process. This is an incredible opportunity to grow in intimacy with Him and to be prepared for the next thing He has for you.

He uses transitions to grow our character. And at the end of each one of mine, I’ve seen He’s given me more responsibility for the next transition! There is a cost to be paid but the reward isn’t mine alone. It may even be for the sake of a nation!



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