Encouragement for the Weary Leader by Jennifer Maggio

2019-09-11T10:00:37-05:00August 19th, 2019|Help For Ministry Leaders, Jennifer Maggio|

Recently, the city where I live, Baton Rouge Louisiana had a devastating unprecedented flood wash away over 100,000 homes according to The Times-Picayune Newspaper. As I watched my city sink under water and thousands of people having to be rescued from their homes, I was heartbroken for all of the devastation and grief around me. I watched friends and co-workers lose everything as I [...]

Letting Go of Perfectionism by Tiffany Temple

2019-09-11T09:41:13-05:00August 12th, 2019|Help For Single Moms|

Let me tell you the end of this article before we get started--perfect parenting does not exist. We are imperfect people who God blessed with smaller versions of imperfect people to train in His perfect ways. God wouldn’t bless us without giving us the capacity to receive it. I heard a pastor put it this way, what [...]

8 Ways to Find Healing from Hurt by Jennifer Maggio

2019-09-11T10:02:11-05:00August 5th, 2019|Help For Single Moms|

Life can throw us some unbelievable twists and turns, can’t it? I have never sat with a group of women over coffee who said, “Life has turned out exactly how I expected it to!” We are thrown curveballs, left and right, that we are often unprepared for, including unspeakable hurts and disappointments. Whether it be a painful [...]